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Door open to Yankees to drive free agent Bryce Harper after Nats back down

For Citizens, expectations are low when it comes to a freelance Bryce Harper donates a curly white "W" on his…

For Citizens, expectations are low when it comes to a freelance Bryce Harper donates a curly white “W” on his cap next season. So low fact that citizen owner Mark Lerner does not “expect [Harper] to come back at this time,” he said on Friday at 106.7 Fan FM in Washington.

At the end of September, Lerner reportedly offered Harper $ 300 million over a 10-year-old in an aggressive effort for the 26-year-old to stay Washington. Now, Lerner can imagine Harpers top MLB agent, Scott Boras, who strings for a bigger deal with another team.

“Well, when we met them and we gave them the offer, we said to them:” This is the best we can do. “If he chooses to go somewhere, I fully understand it, but we’ll put a big victim out there … If he returns [to negotiate with Washington]there’s a strong possibility that we will not be able to do it at work. But I really do not expect him to return at this time. I think they have decided to continue. “

This is as much of a hint as for Yankees and General Manager Brian Cashman, who continued to the left hand Patrick Corbin to go after sex star All-Star just before the winter meeting in Las Vegas on Monday.

According to SNYtv’s Andy Martino, New York is just one of a dozen teams that will travel to Nevada to meet Harper. And it’s a strong argument that a non-Yankees club is a better fit for Harper’s outfield acrobatics. Bronx Bombers is full of outfielders, especially after waking veteran Brett Gardner for one year, 7.5 million dollars at the end of October. We can expect Aaron Judge Giancarlo Stanton Aaron Hicks Gardner and maybe even less league prospects Clint Frazier to park beyond infield dirt in 2019. So where leaving Harper?

“I think [Harper and Boras] has decided to move on,” said Lerner at 106.7 Fan FM in Washington. “There’s just too much money out there, he’d go to the table. It’s just not Mr. Boras MO to leave money on the table.”

Boras received the attention of Yankees when he driven the idea that Harper was moving to the first base. New York is also looking to inject a big-name player in his roster in an effort to match Boston’s strong championship team, according to Martino. Is the big flight going to sign a Harper for a blockbuster deal? Suddenly it’s not that hard to imagine a hair-haired Harper in pinstripes.

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