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Dolce & Gabbana Shanghai Show Canceled, Chinese Celebs Flee Furor – WWD

SHANGHAI – A multimillion dollar, an hour's driving schedule scheduled by Dolce & Gabbana abruptly interrupted the following day, after…

SHANGHAI – A multimillion dollar, an hour’s driving schedule scheduled by Dolce & Gabbana abruptly interrupted the following day, after insults on China were posted from Instagram account by designer Stefano Gabbana, leading to the country’s biggest name in fashion and Entertainment excels from participating in the show a lot. Designer and brand will be published on Wednesday afternoon just a few hours before the planned event says the account was hacked.

On screenshots posted by Diet Prada, the verified account of Stefano Gabbana was sent to send out messages that read “From now on in the interview [sp] as I will do internationally, I will say that the country [series of poop emojis] is China” and “China Oddly Smelly Smelly Mafia”, including insults.

The VIP Guest List is expected to attend 9 #DGGreatShow began to fall apart as the messages circulated on social media. Actress Zhang Ziyi said she would not attend and sent to her official Weibo account as “From now on, Miss Zhang and her team will not buy and use any D & G products.”

Singer Wang Junkai along with actors Li Bingbing, Chen Kun, Dilraba and the band Rocket Girls 1

01 also joined in protest. Chinese actor Huang Xiaoming wrote in his official Weibo account: “The mother country is first.”

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China Bentley Modeling Agency released an official statement that 24 of their models scheduled to go on the show boycotted the event. Several models of Chinese heritage posted “not me” on top of their casting photos, including Lynden Ly who told Weibo that he and other backstage had been up all night long practice. He added that while it was the only show he was scheduled to go this month, he would refuse to do the show.

 Screenshot from Lynden Ly Weibo account.

Screenshot from Lynden Ly Weibo account.

All 10 of the best search terms that the current Weibo trend has to do with the Dolce and Gabbana controversy.

Both the brand and Gabbana have written apologies and claimed that the messages derive from hacking.

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“My Instagram account has been hacked. My legal office is working on this.” I love China and Chinese culture. “I’m so sorry for what happened,” wrote Gabbana on his personal page.

The fashion house was also published on social media and said: “Our Instagram account has been hacked. So has the account of Stefano Gabbana.” Our legal office is urgent investigator. “We are very sorry for any problems caused by these unauthorized posts. has nothing but respect for China and the people of China. “

The controversy began only three days earlier when the brand began posting a series of three videos entitled” eating with chopsticks “on their social media. The video shows an Asian model that is told, in Mandarin, how to eat pizza, cannoli and spaghetti with a male voice-over.

The video wrongly rubbed people in China, with many in the country taking social media to call out what they described as sexist and racist undertones. The video shows an Asian model trying to eat cannoli while voice-over says “Is it too big for you?” It also has the model attempt to eat the dish with chopsticks. In addition, the use of an outdated market production with the lantern and awning also led many Chinese networks to question whether the brand was only interested in portraying a backward image of the country, something that has been a point of doubt before.

The video series remains on the brand’s Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter pages, although it is no longer displayed on the brand’s official account on Chinese Social Media Platform, Weibo. Screen shots of the original Weibo record have been widely shared.

The insults made by Gabba’s account were a response to criticism about the commercials. The published messages said the designer was at the video and that it was the local Chinese team who took down the ads, something he did not approve before launching a slide show against China.

The designer is known to often save on social media with followers over issues as his explicit support for dressing America’s first lady Melania Trump to insults on singer Selena Gomez.

This is not the first time Dolce & Gabbana has found in hot water in the country as part of its ongoing #DGLovesChina marketing campaign. In April last year, Chinese social media announced in response to a Dolce & Gabbana advertising campaign launched in Beijing. The shot contained old towns in the city instead of the modern cityscape, which the brand had previously done in other Asian cities. By that time, the pictures from this Beijing advertising campaign were removed from Dolce & Gabbanas official Weibo account.

China is a key brand for the luxury brand. According to a report released by McKinsey last year in 2025, 7.6 million Chinese households will represent 1 billion yuan in global luxury sales.

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