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Does your iPhone battery last less after installing iOS 11.4? You’re not alone


The great novelty of Apple is iOS 12 , officially announced on June 4 in the WWDC 2018 . However, days before the signing of the apple l I was free update with iOS 11.4 . A version with discrete changes that, nevertheless, seems to give many headaches to some users. And is that the Battery level of the iPhone Y iPad descends at an alarming rate after the installation of iOS 11.4. And you, are you among these?

We have indicated it on numerous occasions. With each new software update , we all expect news, changes, adjustments and optimizations of the system so that the phone or tablet works better. However, this is not always the case and there are cases in which a change of version can be a bad experience.

Less battery on iPhone with iOS 11.4

This can be considered the case of an unknown number of users who have recently updated their iDevices with iOS 11.4. At least that is what the official forums of the brand , social networks and other media. If we take as a starting point the complaints of users in the Apple forums , we can see a common denominator. That is none other than a Drastic reduction of autonomy of the iPhone battery and iPad after the installation of iOS 11.4 .

Does your iPhone battery last less after installing iOS 11.4? You're not alone

All tell their personal experiences, which are mainly based on the rapid drop in the battery level of their iPhones with iOS 11.4 after using Facebook, iMessage and other types of apps. Some even talk about a decrease in autonomy around 50% with respect to the records previously achieved with iOS 11.3.1. Regarding the models, there is no specific version of iPhone or iPad since the forums mention problems in both iPhone X , iPhone 6s Plus as in different versions of iPad.

No concrete information from Apple

At the moment, Apple has not spoken, but it is expected that software engineers are already studying the matter to detect the problem. A problem that today is not known with certainty to what percentage of users affects and what is the reason for the drastic reduction of autonomy in the devices that have experienced this effect.

And you, have you noticed a reduction in the battery life of your iPhone after installing iOS 11.4? If so, what do you think the reasons may be after studying the individual consumption of your apps? We await your comments.