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Do you have problems with forced closures with the Instagram app? This is the solution


During the last days, the regulars of the Instagram app for Android have reported problems of forced closures ( Instagram stopped ). A failure that prevents the use of the application since it freezes to subsequently close unexpectedly. The company not only has knowledge of this problem, but it already offers an apparently solution .

In Android , one of the errors with which its users can be found are the forced closures of apps . A software failure – either by the system itself or the app in question – that blocks the application we are using in an unexpected way and launches a popup window with the message of this failure. Well, that’s precisely the forced closures problem that have experienced some users with the Instagram app for Android during the last days.

Forced closures of the Instagram app

This was reported by those affected in both forums and social networks, a failure that has not overlooked the company. In principle, it is an error that some Android devices experience randomly, although with special virulence in Samsung, Huawei, Motorola or Xiaomi devices. Users have reported that Instagram automatically stops when consulting your Profiles , notifications or even the stories .

Do you have problems with forced closures with the Instagram app? This is the solution

At first, the advice offered by Instagram for those affected was the uninstall the application for later installation later. Also the option of clear Instagram cache .

New Instagram update in the Play Store

However, today we can read in the Official Instagram profile on Twitter that the company has already taken action on the matter. We consider that, after studying the problem of forced closures with the Instagram app , the firm has detected the origin of the fault and has solved it by launching an update.

So it appears in Google Play , where we have a new version of Instagram from today, June 5.

Download Instagram from Google Play

Now it remains to be seen whether this problem has been solved partially or totally, given that in the Play Store We can still read comments from those affected indicating that they still have problems with forced closures. And you, are you among those affected? We await your comments.