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Do not use smart answers in Hangouts chat

December 8, 2018 Technology 0 Views Image: Gizmodo (Google) There are two different types of people on work platform communication…

Image: Gizmodo (Google)

There are two different types of people on work platform communication platforms: those who carefully overcome each letter in a show of ultimate professionalism and those writing with the keys randomly with their clumsy hover finger get over what they try to communicate before moving on, punctuation and grammar are condemned.

I have not come here to argue which of these communication methods is better. But please do not put your colleagues on the slogan for smart answers in Hangouts chat.

Google announced this week that it would soon introduce smart answers to Hangouts Chat-Do not be confused with Hangouts, but you would be excused for Hangouts. Some Confusion – A feature that likes smart answers in Gmail is billed as a way to streamline your workflow. Like Gmail, Smart Hangouts chat answers provide three (probably bad) answers to the living spirit’s wishes or insights on the other side of the screen.

This is not the way.

Listen, at some level I understand why this feature may be appealing. It is true that everything is exhaustive all the time and has been so for what feels like eternity. Anyone who strives to make the absolutely necessary minimum, with the exception of perhaps using heavy machines, would be forgiven.

But readers, nobody wants to quit the workplace communication channel just to be greeted by a flow of emotionless robot talking. We are already expected to get through this type of formal jargon in our inboxes. We should not tolerate it in our digital water coolers.

As we constantly sell our time before our safe breakdown, let our chat rooms in the workplace remain a source of joy, though small.

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