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Do not touch your iPhone X? Apple has a solution to it

A working iPhone X screen Sarah Tew / CNET When iPhone X was released last year, it launched a new…


A working iPhone X screen

Sarah Tew / CNET

When iPhone X was released last year, it launched a new look and feel for Apple’s headset. The company left the home button, offered a new face lock feature and used a larger and richer new type of screen called OLED for the display .

It turns out that “some” of the new Apple screens offered in iPhone X had an incorrect part that, when failed, caused the screen to be intermittent or completely irresponsible for your touch. In a statement published on the company’s website about the wrong part Friday, Apple also said that the screen can respond even when you do not touch it too.

If you have experienced any of this, Apple encourages you to find an Authorized Service Provider, set an appointment in an Apple Store, or contact the company’s technical support team to assess your phone. Apple says that if an iPhone X meets the requirements of the repair program, it will replace the display for free.

Apple usually offers an easy way to identify if you can have the wrong part, for example, with a number of serial numbers, but it did not work this time. The company also did not offer more details about how many iPhones it believes might have been affected, but it said that no other iPhone models are included in the announced repair program. The company did not respond immediately to a request for comments Friday evening.

This is not the first time Apple offered a repair program for its iPhones. In September, the company said that ” Very Low Share ” of iPhone 8 devices had incorrect logic boards that allowed them to unexpectedly restart, freeze the screen or not beat at all. And in February, the company said that a “” small proportion “of iPhone 7 devices contained an incorrect part that would make the phone tell people that there was no cell service when it actually existed.

The company said separately that it will also offer “limited number” repairs of its 1

9-inch MacBook Pro 13-inch models sold between June 2017 and June 2018, which the company said may have incorrect storage chips, so-called SSD files.

In that case, Apple said people could enter their computer’s serial number in a form on their website to see if they could be qualified. If so, the company invites users to get their computers serviced, because the bad part could fail, which would cause data loss.

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