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Do not be fooled: the OnePlus 6 is not waterproof


If we take a quick look at the OnePlus 6 news on its official page we can find sections that specify that the OnePlus 6 It is water resistant . An affirmation that can lead users to confusion because the OnePlus smartphone does not have IP certification to guarantee its tightness.

OnePlus little by little he loses his ability to surprise. The company that once wanted to be known for its excellent price-performance ratio has not only gradually lost its essence in this regard. It received criticism of global repercussion after the presentation of the OnePlus 5 -and later the OnePlus 5T -. The reason, too familiar design that denoted the beginning of the loss of personality. Today, the Chinese firm has left to see with the staging of OnePlus 6 that depletes resources. Crystal, screen with notch, specifications “standardized” in the premium segment, but also a want and I can not.

The confusing water resistance of OnePlus 6

And, despite offering a premium look, with premium materials, OnePlus has put a patch on the OnePlus 6 data sheet . We refer to the section in which the company tries to sell visually that the OnePlus 6 is waterproof , although the same is forced to explain that the casing of its new model is not as resistant to liquid element.

Do not be fooled: the OnePlus 6 is not waterproof

For sample, a button. The image that accompanies this article is sufficiently explicit. The OnePlus 6 surrounded by a scenario dominated by water, either by the surface of a body of water, or by the drops that surround the smartphone. Accompany the image a slogan of the most interesting. In larger size and visible “protected from the rain” with another background message, smaller: water resistant.

Resources and marketing tactics that can lead to confusion. However, in the specifications and data sheet of the OnePlus 6 there is no trace of any IP certification. This parameter is the one that guarantees that the smartphone in question is resistant to water and to what degree. Do not be fooled: the OnePlus 6 is not waterproof

Do not be fooled: the OnePlus 6 is not waterproof


Already in a sub-section of the OnePlus website we can find an explanation about the techniques that the firm has used to offer this apparent resistance to water. The Chinese have integrated a foamy material between the screen and the battery for avoid contact of the components more sensitive to the liquid with the water itself. Also other details on the completion of your interior to avoid water filtration , which in no case retains it if we submerge the smartphone. In fact, and in a casual tone to remove iron to the matter, the manufacturer launches a: But nothing to bathe with him!

In fact, the company lets see in the Warranty conditions that accidents by exposure to liquids they are not contemplated in it.

Therefore, and despite the fact that OnePlus 6 was expected to be resistant to water, it will be necessary to wait for future generations. Meanwhile, if you want a smartphone with IP67 and IP68 certification, a feature that may become more important than it might seem in principle, you will have to resort to premium models from other brands.