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Do games like PUBG on Android make sense?

The mobile version of the phenomenon PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds is already among us, the tests started in Canada and other territories…

Do games like PUBG on Android make sense?

The mobile version of the phenomenon PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds is already among us, the tests started in Canada and other territories have been satisfactory and the launch of the game of the year on mobile platforms has reached the end, globally and for both iOS and Android , where it is already available for free.

Again the Chinese Tencent Games to charge, this time charged adapt a global success already available on PC and Xbox to mobile as it was PUBG, daring with a major challenge after launching its title in Play Store Arena of Valor: Arena 5v5 , a game of dynamics similar to League of Legends that already exceeds 5 million downloads worldwide.

If you do not know PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds it is a online first-person multiplayer battle video game , something similar saving the distances to the experience of a Counter Strike or Battlefield, that developed and published by Bluehole in Windows and Xbox now adapts the basis of its success, which is its great gameplay, to touch screens and to mobile phones.

Obviously the same doubt that you have just emerged reading this has come to us before, and is that adapt a game like this to the experience of using a smartphone Perhaps it means more frustration for users than the fun they expect if they had tried the versions of PC and console, so let’s analyze … ** Does a game like PUBG make sense on mobile platforms?

A fluid experience requires a prestacional hardware

The distribution of PUBG Mobile throughout the planet is being brilliant, it is a phenomenon that is traveling the world and that in a few hours has already exceeded 100,000 downloads in Play Store , and in fact Jerry Chen, corporate vice president of Tencent Among other positions in the industry, he said that they are excited to launch a title as PUBG on Android and iOS:

We are very excited to launch PUBG Mobile on iOS and Android globally. We are working hard to create an authentic PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds mobile experience that appeals to gamers, putting the focus on controls and optimization to make the experience fluid and intuitive.

The first thing that strikes the attention of PUBG Mobile are its minimum requirements , and that is that at a stroke the basic smartphones are eliminated and the whole program Android Go , recalling those years in which we had to look at the list of requirements to check if that game we liked so much was compatible with the features of our PC. Quality games are not made for low-end phones …

Do games like PUBG on Android make sense?

Do games like PUBG on Android make sense?

They are needed Android 5.1.1 Lollipop or higher versions of the operating system, and in terms of hardware 2 GB of RAM as well as a reasonable amount of storage for the resources of the video game, which weighs about 31 megabytes in its installation but requires downloading content once started, about 900 MB.

The developer highlights that there are more than 500 compatible Android devices, but we are already starting the debate. Obtain a fluid experience requires a prestacional hardware , and in a game of this type a lag a few milliseconds will end up killing us seriously frustrating us . It happens to me with PES 2018, that when the connection is not good the experience is not good either, and I dislike the multiplayer game … Imagine if the life of your avatar is at stake!

So, the idea of ​​a game like this for smartphones a priori is positive, it’s a quality game, but Although installing and executing it is free it will not be a quality experience , since you will need a prestational cutting smartphone.

Do games like PUBG on Android make sense?

Do games like PUBG on Android make sense?

This is how to play a game with PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds

PUBG is a game of real battle with a battle of death dynamicsdeathmatch – where everyone faces and so there is only one winner, the last player alive . You can enter the games in small groups or teams, but in any case the last person or team with life will win the game.

Players begin by parachute to an island , in a part that they themselves choose when entering the game. The play area is huge and the resources that the player will find will help him in his task of charging all the enemies that is, even being able to use vehicles to explore the map, and collecting weapons, armor, clothing and other equipment on the way. Other planes will be dropping more supplies in the development of the game, and the most insecure areas will have the best equipment, as expected …

You can play in first or third person varying the perspective, as well as the obvious advantages and disadvantages of each type of control at the time of proposing the combat. Be that as it may, every few minutes the safe area of ​​the map shrinks to facilitate meetings and that the game is developed, so the fun would be assured sooner or later even if you have found a perfect place to camp with your precision rifle.

The games last about 30 minutes, and at the end of each of them players receive rewards according to the time they have been able to survive, the enemies they killed and the damage caused, rewards that can be used to acquire cosmetic or personalization items. our characters.

Do games like PUBG on Android make sense?

Do games like PUBG on Android make sense?

Many, and obvious limitations of such a game on a smartphone …

The first limitation is already mentioned, the minimum requirements mean that many users with basic phones will not be able to play PUBG Mobile even if they wanted to. Also, speaking of resources, you have to know that on a smartphone all resources are limited , and there is no possibility of expansion in the designs unibody , so this is a problem that we have to address.

Surely many of you have already realized where we are going, and that is autonomy is probably the biggest problem in a game like this , which consumes many resources and will drain battery capacity at lightning speed in games of about 30 minutes , that once initiated, we can not leave without accepting our dishonorable defeat. I already imagine that a ‘Power Bank’ will be part of the life of a regular player of PUBG Mobile, just as they are for the players of Ingress and Pokémon Go.

Further, the mobile game is a much more casual game , normally we play in the subway, in those waiting queues, in the five free minutes before returning to work at noon, etc. … The game dynamics of PUBG Mobile will not allow this type of casual game, and is that the games are long, about 30 minutes if we survive, so we will have to find the time to play and that nobody bothers us during the game.

Do games like PUBG on Android make sense?

Do games like PUBG on Android make sense?

Another clear drawback is the own gameplay of a title like this on touch screens , and that is that Gameloft has been trying for years with a Modern Combat saga that already accumulates a few titles without this type of games have just taken off on mobile platforms . We can adapt to play in many ways on mobile phones, but These games require a lot of skill and touch screens are not great friends when it comes to point and shoot .

A gamepad Bluetooth will facilitate the task and allow us to stop accumulating frustration, but that some play with a gamepad and others does not eliminate healthy competition giving advantage to a few . We are not going to discover America in a glass of water, obviously it is much easier to control a game like PUBG with a command than with the touch controls.

Many doubts for one of the most anticipated games of the year, which We will test thoroughly in the coming days to bring you our experience with him , although surely most of you have already run to install it and try it for yourselves, something that we certainly recommend. Do not wait any longer, here is the direct link to the download of the game :

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