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Bernadette Pajer doesn’t trust the pharmaceutical industry. And she doesn’t trust vaccines.

The founder of a Washington state advocacy group says her dual distrust shouldn’t come as any surprise. She notes drugmakers have a “pretty poor record over all” on safety and transparency. Not to mention the opioid crisis, though Pajer often does.

Paier is not alone. As an example of the pharmaceutical industry grows, so has the anti-vaccination movement. And that is a critical issue as the number of measles cases in the U.S. surge toward a record.

Vaccine supporters – which include federal, state and local officials, the public health community and most doctors – say it wasn’t drugmakers’ idea to require protection from largely eradicated deadly diseases. It’s the government’s doing.

Bernadette Pajer became a critic of vaccine science after her son, now 16, developed severe allergic reactions after vaccinations. (Photo: Courtesy of Bernadette Pajer)