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Discover why Clash of the Clan Clash Royale disappears

Clash Royale is one of the most popular mobile games of recent years. Since the first day, occupies the highest positions in the rankings of the Play Store , either in more downloaded games or in more profitable games.

Today, Clash Royale is again news, but for a change, it is not a new challenge or a new letter , but the removal of one of its most popular features.

Goodbye to Cofre del Clan by Clash Royale

The “Cofre del Clan” of Clash Royale is a feature that was added some time after the game’s departure, specifically, in December 2016. Basically, it allows a reward to all players of a clan based on the number of crowns achieved in a weekend .

As we read on his blog , today Supercell has announced that they remove it from the game. It looks like, no longer implies that “motivation” of the clan to fill it with crowns , and its popularity is no longer equivalent to that of a challenge or event. Quoting verbatim, Supercell says that “it’s not as cool as it used to be.”

Clash Royale gameplay

A part, the news also says that the rewards we got with the chest (gold, gems, letters of all kinds) will not disappear with him, but that they will come to us in a different way. Supercell does not give details, but he says that will be directly proportional to our activity in the game and in the clan .

It is the first time that Clash Royale removes a feature from his game. In the same news, they tell us that before adding any news, they review the current content and make a decision about it. It also talks about its interface, which they try to take care of with every update so that it is not too loaded with any novelty .

What do you think about removing the Clan from the Clan?

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