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Discover how some web pages track Facebook users


Surely, on some occasion you have resorted to the tool Login with Facebook -Start session with Facebook-, that allows register on a page or service with just pressing the blue button of the social network. Well, it has been discovered that a good number of pages has the capacity to track the user and capture some of your private data Through the use of scripts .

For skinny dog, everything is fleas. The biter bit. These are some of the sayings that we could use to denote the current situation that Facebook is going through. And is that the detection of a new method by which you can spread some of the personal data of its users puts even more into question the social network.

Login with Facebook, a double-edged sword

When the uproar caused by the Facebook’s massive data leak through the signature Cambridge Analytica , the social network of Mark Zuckerberg You will have to face a new weak point in your platform. And, if Cambridge Analytica managed to collect personal data from Facebook users through a application , it has now been discovered that third parties are capable of track and spy on users through the tool Login with Facebook or Login with Facebook .

Discover how some web pages track Facebook users

As detailed in TechCrunch , the scripts used by some pages for users to register in them based on their credentials on Facebook pose a risk to the Privacy of the user.

And it is that once the user accepts the conditions and logs with his account, the JavaScript code used to shape this type of information gateway can transfer some data like your email to third-party companies. Actually, all the information collected by you public profile of Facebook . Discover how some web pages track Facebook users

Discover how some web pages track Facebook users

Tracking and tracking through the web

For the moment, have been detected more than 434 pages out of a million that perform this type of practice. An important security gap to which we must add the Activity tracking of the same through the Network. A method to sell information to companies and the way for users to receive personalized advertising in a covert manner.

This problem has been brought to the attention of Facebook, which has not provided details about it when contacted by the consulted portal. However, everything indicates that it is an information channel discovered by third parties, as was the case of Cambridge Analytica, so we will be attentive to future developments that may occur in this regard.