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Diddy is heartbreaked over Kim Porter's death

November 16, 2018 Entertainment 3 Views Sean "Diddy" Combs pours his ex-girlfriend's death Kim Porter . E! News has learned…

Sean “Diddy” Combs pours his ex-girlfriend’s death Kim Porter .

E! News has learned the rapper and the modem cloud is “devastated” over the unexpected passport and is currently with its children.

During the next thirteen years as Kim and Diddy dated, the three children welcomed Christian 20 and 11 year old twins Jessie James and D & # 39; Lila Combs . They officially completed their romantic relationship in 2007.

We know that Diddy and Kim were more than friends. In fact, they were best friends and loved each other extensively. Ever after their breakup, they worked together as parents, friends, and had a partnership.

E! News has also learned that everyone is devastated by the news, especially because Kim was a really good mother respected by all who were close to her.

Kim was found dead in her Toluca lake at home late Thursday morning. She was 47. The detectives told the media that the police “do not suspect wrong games”. In addition, Diddy was “extremely cooperative and understandably upset” when he spoke to detective.

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We can be apart, but we will always be together as a family,” Kim shared with OK! The newspaper when she discussed her band with Diddy. “It’s not a situation where two people break up and they can not stand each other. We are still friends so it makes it easy to break up.”

“Kim is an incredible mom for our children. We have been part of each other’s life for many years and I have always admired her courage and strength,” Diddy said in a separate interview with JET the newspaper. “We are the best friends.”

In fact, Kim and Diddy came together for family dinner when they participated in a special screening of The Holiday Calendar at the NETFLIX Icon Building one day before Halloween. Kim’s son Quincy Brown stars in the movie and was at hand for the event.

Diddy helped raise Kim’s son Quincy, 27, from an earlier relationship with singer / producer Al B. Sure . “@LadyKP #ForeverMyLady”, Al was shared on Instagram Friday morning.

Currently, a source E! News like Diddy tries to “figure out the next step for his children. He’s very heartbreaked”.

And regardless of what you read, our insider shared that Diddy and Kim had maintained a good relationship over the years and were good-parents. “Despite the differences, they have always done things for their children,” added our source.

Our thoughts continue to go out to the family.

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