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DeVos visits Harper College's production lab, apprenticeship program

US. Education Secretary Betsy DeVos visited Harper College in Palatine on Thursday to explore his multifaceted apprenticeship program and advanced…

US. Education Secretary Betsy DeVos visited Harper College in Palatine on Thursday to explore his multifaceted apprenticeship program and advanced manufacturing lab, as well as get the students feedback on a new financial aid app.

DeVos talked with college students and college officials during her tour but did not pick up the media. Harper President Ken Ender said it was a national conference that the university was worth sharing its skills with 100 other institutions from 30 states that attracted the secretary’s attention.

SaraVavvatten, the Deputy Press Secretary said that DeVos was “particularly interested in learning more about … their apprenticeship program that combines classroom instruction with teacher experience at work,” she said.

Broadwater also commended Harper’s strong partnership in society, which enables students to gain a substantial foundation of cost training by earning valuable work experience and pay in connection with their academic education.

“The president and his administration are determined to ensure that young and adult are ready for what’s next and the secretary hopes to learn more about Harper’s commitment to this too,” said Broadwater.

Speakers in the department refused to comment on how innovative the program was.

Harper’s advanced manufacturing laboratory prepares students for career in manufacturing, while the wider apprenticeship program includes areas such as banking and finance, industrial maintenance, CNC precision machining, cyber security, insurance and supply chain and logistics. [1

9659008] DeVos, as Ender said, had not visited an advanced manufacturing laboratory earlier, received a demonstration of the machines that students use in an academic environment before translating their knowledge into education at work. The secretary tried the virtual welding machine that the students train before moving on to the correct one.

“It was a pretty cool visit,” said Ender.

Before DeVos left, Ender presented her with a copy of the latest book “Harper College, The First 50 Years”, written by retired professor Trygve Thoreson.

Students also shared their thoughts on the new free application for the Federal Student Aid mobile app, myStudentAid, the federal government just expires.

Ender said that the students discussed what they thought about and were very specific about aspects that they consider to be improving: the width of the app’s signature line and better directions on how to go back to an earlier step.

Such constructive criticism is likely to pave the way for a future upgrade of the app, Ender said.

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