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“Detonate from the Sun”: Explosion of Nibiru near Mars or Venus will destroy the earth

November 25, 2018 Science 0 Views <img class = "aligncenter" src = "" alt = "Experts predicted a massive explosion…

<img class = “aligncenter” src = “” alt = “Experts predicted a massive explosion in space that will be a lot stronger than solar energy.

Researchers have revealed the existence of Solar System, a giant object that in seconds can destroy several planets at the same time. Depending on where it is in the explosion time, the researchers refused to declassify the name of the threat to the Earth’s space bodies. suggested that the scientists have recognized the existence of Nibiru.

Recently, it became known that planet X is back on the path to our planet and already made a trip around the sun. Now in the network, the information showed that a space object can explode and destroy the solar system. come to the conclusion that we are talking about Nibiru, who can make the next airfield and detonate from the sun.

If this happens at a time when planet X will be close to mercury, Venus or Mars, the Earth will be in danger and can be destroyed in the explosion Nibiru. Currently, researchers study the object that the explosion would affect the solar system in addition to the solar energy. It can be decided to send to Planet X failures that can redirect their path. “/>

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