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Destiny 2 Gambit Prime & Reckoning Guide: How to win Drifter's new game

March 7, 2019 Technology 2 Views Destiny 2's latest content update is Joker's Wild, a Gambit-focused expansion that adds two new activities to the game: Gambit Prime and The Reckoning. Both are top-level activities that you want to work for to get the most out of Drifter's season and both introduce some new concepts to familiar Destiny 2 activities that can make them fast confusing and require some new strategies. Gambit Prime is much like Gambit from the Forsaken expansion, which was launched in the autumn of 201 8, but it makes many changes in how it works. Gambit matches see two teams of players facing, but for most of the match they beat waves of AI-controlled enemies instead of each other. Disappearing enemies create "motes" that players pick up and take back to a bank in the middle of the arena. The bank has enough fashions and you call a manager called Primeval. The first team to kill their Primeval wins. Many of the same rules apply in Gambit Prime, but with a lot of new additions. Gambit Prime matches consist of only one round, rather than the best of three structures in the original Gambit. They are also much tougher, with stronger Primevals, more motions are required to call the bosses and harder enemies to fight in each of the waves. Gambit Prime also works with Reckoning, a new horde-like location that lets you take your winnings in Gambit Prime and turn them into special equipment. Both Reckoning…

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