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Derrick Rose scored 50 points and NBA players loved it

To say that Derrick Rose has had a rough few years would be an understatement. The former league MVP saw…

To say that Derrick Rose has had a rough few years would be an understatement. The former league MVP saw its run with the Chicago Bulls came to an endless end, played an outstanding season with the New York Knicks, which was then signed to join the Cleveland Cavaliers’ star-studded lineup last season, just to end take a leave of absence from the team before eventually being traded.

When signing in with Minnesota Timberwolves late season, it was seen as a coach who made a favor for his former star player. But Rose never lost faith in himself and told the battered Marc Spears, “Everything that’s coming my way I’ll grab it.”

He made it a big way Wednesday night and scored a career-high 50 points to lead Wolven to a three-point win. He left the forward basket with 30 seconds left, then Minnesota gave a three-point cushion with a fair of free throws with 1

3.8 seconds left to reach the 50-point.




] Derrick Rose drops the defender and puts in the set that gives Timberwolf’s lead too good.

Rose 50 points is the fourth most scored by an NBA player this season and the bottom for the second largest ever by a NBA player on Halloween. That Rose recaptured the form that made him league MVP honors 2010-11 also drew attention to his NBA colleagues on Twitter, who expressed his excitement when he saw that the 30-year-old Rose looks like his prime self again.

Rose’s 50-point night came against Utah Jazz, made as released him after acquiring him from Cleveland in a majority trade last season’s trading death e. Rose never looked up for jazzen and spent almost a month out of the league before being picked up by Minnesota.

In addition to his 50 points, Rose also blocked a potentially bidding 3-point attempt by Dante Exum in the last seconds to preserve the Timberwolves win. Rose is now on average 18.8 points per game, his most since 2011-12 – the last season before his torn ACL.

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