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Democrat Tony Evers at night third term from Gov. Scott Walker at narrow margin

MADISON (WKOW) – Winning with a narrow margin, Democrat Tony Evers takes away incumbent Scott Walker's chances at a third…

MADISON (WKOW) – Winning with a narrow margin, Democrat Tony Evers takes away incumbent Scott Walker’s chances at a third term. Evers defeated Walker by 1.1% margin, a 0.1% threshold to block the Republican from being able to petition for a recount.

Evers gave his victory speech early Wednesday morning to count hundreds of supports at the Orpheum Theater downtown Madison, “change is coming to Wisconsin. “

” Was that close enough? “said Evers.

The result ends Walker’s bid for a rare third term, only ever accomplished by former governor Tommy Thompson. It also gives Democrats power in state government, something they have not had since 201

3 when Republicans gained control of the Assembly and Senate.

“I will never make promises that I can not keep and I’ll always work for you,” said Evers. “I’m proud to say we ran a positive campaign focused on the issues that matter most, better schools, better roads, better health care.”

Also, a campaign breaking barriers as Mandela Barnes will become the state’s first African American Lieutenant Governor.

In the last Marquette University Law School Poll, Scott Walker and Tony Evers were tied to 47% among likely voters. The race was one of the most closely watched across the nation after President Donald Trump won the state back in 2016 with a narrow margin of more than 22,000 votes.

* UPDATE * – According to the Associated Press, Tony Evers has won the race for the Wisconsin governor of the Republican Scott Walker.

The race remained within a few thousand votes throughout most of the evening, with Evers jumping out to a 29,000 vote lead at the time the final ballots were counted.

However, the results may not become official for a while.

In a speech to supporters earlier, Lt. Gov. Rebecca Kleefisch warned supporters to prepare for a recount.

In the latest of what is developing as a historically close race between Republican Governor Scott Walker and Democratic Challenger Tony Evers, Lt. Gov. Rebecca Kleefisch addressed the Walker crowd early Wednesday morning.

We are so grateful for the support of those here tonight and everyone in our great state who has supported our candidacy, joining the fight to keep Wisconsin moving forward, “Kleefisch said.” I’m here tonight to tell you that fight is not over. “

Kleefisch also added that a recount is likely, if not certain.

” We need to prepare ourselves for a long, drawn-out recount that the other side will surely seek, “she said.” And so tonight I’m telling you that we may need your support to help in that effort – resources and volunteers as we have never before. “

News 9 will continue to update this developing story.

If there’s one way to describe the race for the Wisconsin governor, it would probably be ‘as advertised.’

Polls showed a dead heat in the week before the election between the incumbent Republican Governor Scott Walker and three-term Wisconsin Superintendent of Public Instruction Tony Evers.

Now, deep into Election Night – and probably beyond – the two remain at a standstill in the real race that will probably be decided in Wednesday’s early hours by a razor- thin margin.

For much of Election Night, Walker and Evers were separated by just thousands of votes, as both parties enjoyed brief leads in what is building to be a photo finish. At one point, the gap between the two was a more 30 votes.

Walker is seeking to become only the second governor in Wisconsin history elected to a third term, while Evers is the state superintendent who argues Walker has failed the state and should be replaced.

Check back with News 9 for updates on what figures to be a dramatic final leg of the Wisconsin governor’s race.

WAUSAU, Wis. (WAOW) – The race to determine Wisconsin’s governor is upon us.

Incumbent Governor Scott Walker, who has won three previous races including a 2012 recall election, is challenged by State Superintendent of Public Instruction Tony Evers.

Although Evers has run, and won, statewide office since 2009, it was not for the top spot in the state.

As state superintendent, Evers has clashed over the years with Walker on education policy. Those clashes culminated with Evers’ announcement he’d run for governor in August 2017. One year later, he toppled a crowded Democratic primary to advance as the candidate for November.

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