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Dem: Cohen filing means that Trump committed two felonies

Rep. Ted Lieu Ted W. LieuHouse Dems Worrying For Women's Least In Leadership Intrigue Surrounds Nancy Pelosi Voice Cicilline Arches…

Rep. Ted Lieu Ted W. LieuHouse Dems Worrying For Women’s Least In Leadership Intrigue Surrounds Nancy Pelosi Voice Cicilline Arches Out Of Assistant Leadership Race, The Way Of Lujan MORE (D-Calif.) Claimed Friday The federal prosecutor’s recent submission in a case involving President Trump Donald John TrumpKobach “Very Concerned” Voters Fraud may have happened in North Carolina Trump Jr. Trumps 2020 campaign will be headquartered in Trump Tower: Report MORE Former longtime lawyer Michael Cohen means Trump claims to commit two felonies.

Lieu, a member of the Judicial Committee and a frequent drum critic, told MSNBC Chris Matthews at “Hardball” that “we have a US president who committed two felonies while driving to president.”

“Looking at what the prosecutors did in the Thern District of New York, they claim that Donald Trump directed two campaign funding violations. This is misguided and you can derive intent by looking at a defendant’s statements,” said Lieu.

The application from the New York prosecutor does not explicitly name Trump, but rather refers to an “individual 1” as it says Cohen “acted in concert with and towards” in order to pay to silence Stormy Daniels and Karen McDougal, the women claiming they had business with Trump before the 2016 election.

The document notes that Cohen worked for “Individual 1” as a personal attorney after the person “had become the United States pre sident “and previously worked for the person when they” began a successful campaign for the president of the United States. “

” In particular, as Cohen himself has acknowledged in respect of both payments, he acted in coordination with and in direction towards individual-1, “explains the document.

Several legal pundits weighed up on Friday developments, saying prosecutors argue that Trump committed a violation of payments to women, which prosecutors say were intended to affect the election and thus violations of campaign funding legislation.

Cohen had previously implicated Trump when he accused August of a campaign financing clause involving the payments.

“I think my reading here is correct. If that’s the case, it’s the first time the federal prosecutors have said they think Donald Trump committed a felony,” former lawyer Neal Katyal tweeted. “

“Just to make it crystal clear, New York federal prosecutor that the US President committed a crime, “said former federal prosecutor Renato Mariotti.

Trump tweeted Friday shortly after prosecutors filed the Cohen document and claimed it “completely cleans the president. Thanks!

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