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Delicious fruit desserts

Fruits are the perfect ingredient to prepare delicious desserts . The amount of possibilities make fruit desserts offer a multiplicity…

Fruits are the perfect ingredient to prepare delicious desserts . The amount of possibilities make fruit desserts offer a multiplicity of colors, flavors and textures.

Depending on the preparation, fruit desserts can be light or complex ostentatious recipes , worthy of haute cuisine. Fruits give for that and much more. and they are always a pleasant experience.

The benefits

Delicious, light, refreshing, fruit desserts are the best choice . Although fruits can be combined with flours, butter, oils, etc., it is also possible to take them from healthier way .

Next, we will see some very simple and fast recipes. The examples of fruits can be replaced by others; the same thing that happens in the rest of the kitchen, creativity has an important role.

Fruit dessert recipes

Tropical Macedonia

Delicious fruit desserts

The tropical fruit salad is one of the freshest and easiest to prepare fruit desserts. If you choose ingredients without added sugar, it is low in calories and, above all, delicious.


  • 2 medium bananas
  • 2 medium pears
  • 2 medium peaches
  • Lemon juice , some drops.
  • Sugar, honey or sweetener (to taste).

Ingredients for the sauce

  • A skimmed yogurt (150 g).
  • 1 cup of orange juice (200 mL).
  • Sugar, honey or sweetener (to taste).


Peel all the fruits and chop them into pieces of similar size. They are placed in a container and sprayed with lemon juice to prevent rusting.

Preparation of the sauce

The yogurt is diluted in the orange juice until it has a liquid consistency; you can add sugar or sweetener to taste. Once this mixture is ready, the fruit is bathed in the bowl and macerated for a few hours in the fridge. During this time the flavors combine and stand out.

Spicy apples

Delicious fruit desserts

Delicious fruit desserts

These apples are inspired by flavors of Mexican cuisine . Therefore, in this recipe they are a delicious alternative for those who like the mixture of flavors.


  • Chilli powder.
  • 1/4 cup of sugar (60 g).
  • 1/2 cup of soy (200 mL).
  • Tamarind pulp (200 g).
  • 3 sticks to make skewers.
  • 3 medium yellow or green apples.
  • 1/2 cup of lemon juice (100 mL).


  1. Before beginning the preparation of the recipe, the clubs are soaked to skewers in lemon juice for about 10 minutes and let it rest on a clean surface.
  2. The tamarind pulp is heated in a saucepan at medium heat. It is reduced by half. Then add the sugar and leave it on the fire for five minutes or until it caramelizes.
  3. Add the cup of soy and a little chili powder, mix everything well until you get a paste with a good degree of thickness.
  4. You have to remove the pan from the fire and Allow the mixture to cool for 30 minutes.
  5. This mass is spread out at room temperature on a plastic bag or plastic wrap, covered with a second layer of plastic and spread with a roller.
  6. The last step is to insert the skewer sticks into the apples, add the soy sauce and add chili powder to decorate.

Watermelon sorbet

Delicious fruit desserts

Delicious fruit desserts

A refreshing drink, ideal for high temperatures. The watermelon can be replaced by melon, with an exquisite result.


  • 1 watermelon (200 g).
  • 1 cup of sugar (200 g).
  • 1 cup of water (200 mL).
  • 1 branch of mint (100 g).
  • Mascarpone cheese (100 g).
  • 1/2 kg of fruit in syrup .
  • 1/2 lemon juice (100 mL).


  1. Peel the watermelon and remove all the seeds . Then the watermelon pulp is crushed with the fruits in syrup and that mixture is reserved.
  2. Sugar, water and lemon juice are placed in a saucepan. It is cooked for about 5 minutes until a soft syrup is obtained. That syrup is mixed with the fruit that had been processed before.
  3. Mint leaves are added and crushed again, until a homogeneous mixture is obtained.
  4. You put that mixture in a container and put it in the freezer for a couple of hours, and it is removed after that time from the freezer.
  5. You have to scrape the ice with a fork until it becomes a kind of hail and put it back in the freezer. This operation is repeated several times.
  6. It is served in glasses or glasses with pieces of watermelon and fruit.
  7. It is decorated with a mint leaf and small pieces of mascarpone cheese. It should be consumed immediately.
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