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Defiant Trump explains victory, battling presses in the middle of midterms

At a press conference after the election, a tiring president, who was through his party's profits, crossed the character of…

At a press conference after the election, a tiring president, who was through his party’s profits, crossed the character of an extended majority in the Senate as a history-defying achievement of political ability. He pushed away new threats from the Democrats, who will take control of the House and with a new investigation force.

But when the questions began, the President’s sunny prospect melted away. He raced questions about his fear-mongering and racial baiting rhetoric against immigrants, and demanded that a reporter ask if voter pressures take their seat.

Republicans, Trump said “dramatically outdated historical precedents”, despite the fact that he called a “very dramatic collection of money” and “very hostile media coverage, to put it mildly.”

He then counted on a list of historical half-time statistics and specific races.

Republicans held positions in the Senate but saw that their majority flew away and put the likelihood that the White House will lapse through investigations that Trump is preparing to fight for its own re-election.

Even when he warned the leadership of the incoming democratic house from being too aggressive in his investigations of his administration, he said he was optimistic about the possibility of bipartisanship

“I would have Trump already throw the results as a victory, tweeting earlier Wednesday that candidates who followed their leadership during a dark and shattering campaign “did very well. “

And he warned that unfortunate investigations launched by democrats would be met by their own probes to unspecified leaks of confidential information.

” Two can play this game! “he wrote.

Trump’s last three predecessors lost all housewives during his business. After post-election conferences, all three took some form of responsibility.

President George W. Bush called a 2006 route a” dumping. “President Barack Obama considered 201

0 losses a “shellacking.”

Trump and his relatives have projected another attitude and boast of the possibility that the next two years could be held by judgments or oversight.

“The president is not nervous about anything” said advisor Kellyanne Conway on CNN. “I was with him all night last night, and this morning he will deal with the nation. What he excited is that his political commitment in these key chains made history again. “

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