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Defiant R. Kelly appears to appear at the Chicago Club

Videos by a man who seems to be the singer were published on social media late Wednesday through Thursday from…

Videos by a man who seems to be the singer were published on social media late Wednesday through Thursday from the club V75 Chicago.

In the video, the man wears dark shades and a baseball cap while he partially sings one of Kelly’s hit songs, “Bump N & # 39; Grind.”

He also tells the gratifying audience that it is his birthday and “I do not give up what happens tonight …”

CNN has reached out to reps for the singer to confirm that the man in the video is Kelly, whose birthday is January 8th.

The singer has been in the midst of a firestorm in the wake of the Lifetime docuseries “Survivor R. Kelly” who renewed interest in claims Kelly has abused women and girls and holds some of them against her will.

Kelly has consistently denied the claims.

Surviving R. Kelly & # 39; spurs follow-up call from DA, lawyer for alleged victim’s family says

He could also face an investigation in Georgia where a lawyer for the family Joycelyn Savage, one of the women presented in the Lifetime series, said the Fulton County district attorney is performing a investigation by Kelly. A public information officer for the office said he had “no comment”.

The activist Darletta Scruggs and Kendra G from WGCI Radio helped organize a protest Wednesday outside Kelly’s music studio in Chicago.

About two dozen joined them in cold, some signs requiring R. Kelly to be brought to justice. They chanted, “Save our girls!” and “Mute R Kelly!”

#MeToo succeeds where others failed ̵

1; to mute R. Kelly

“People say why are we so upset? If you look at docuseries, all six parts, you should be upset,” Kendra G told the mass media . “Everyone should be upset.”

“There are facts that you cannot deny that existed in these documents and if you look at all six parts … and if you are in Chicago you should be with us right now.” added: “His time is up. He will be held accountable, that there is a new generation of people who are not afraid to speak up. That we no longer suck our dark secrets under the carpet.”

On Tuesday, a Chicago said prosecutor that her office has been in contact with two families related to charges against Kelly since the series sent.

CNN’s Joe Sutton and Bill Kirkos contributed to this report.

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