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Defense No. 1 Ravens will test No. 1 boss breaches at all levels

Baltimore Ravens is currently boasting the top rated defense in the NFL with many metrics including points against, allowed turns…

Baltimore Ravens is currently boasting the top rated defense in the NFL with many metrics including points against, allowed turns and points per unit. They have scored 24 or more points just three times the whole season and have not done it since the end of October against the Carolina Panthers.

Kansas City Chiefs crime is one of, if not the best, in the NFL, ranking first, second or third in all the same categories as tout Ravens as the top defense. The managers have not scored 24 or less points once a year and only under 30 points twice. This game is two soccer parts that are objectively in the elite category against each other.

This will be a massive chess match between an offensive coaching staff who has excellent choice between defense and generate favorable matchups and a defensive coaching staff who has found a way to force almost all crimes out of the rhythm. Andy Reid and Patrick Mahomes talked to the media about how this Raven’s defense will be a big test. Both Mahomes and Reid touched Rav’s unique form of defense and the pressure on a quarterback:

] The Ravens telegraph this blitz in subtle ways but these are the small things that managers have to pick up. With six players who manage LoS, plus a Mike linebacker, the protection must already report seven potential rushers. This means that the running back will be responsible for a guy / gap and the quarterback will be responsible for at least one player who will be blocked if all rushes.

It will be up to Mahomes and Mitch Morse to get these protection calls correct, then up to Mahomes to get through his read before the unaccompanied player can reach him.

Coverage Scale

When blitzing or not, Chiefs next important goal must be to identify the coverage and correctly attack it. The ravens, unlike many teams, do not follow a certain pattern, so it is not always possible to make clean men or combinations of combinations of groundbreaks across the board. The managers must divide the field into a man-beating concept and a conversational term that is the opposite. Patrick Mahomes must then read the defense before and after the snap to determine where he begins with his progress.

This is a Tare travel combination, it has essentially a clearing fade with a two levels read below it for the quarterback. The view removes any player with a deep zone responsibility, trying to create stress on the flat or buzz defender underneath it. At the back of the governing force, travel destination targeting is a tag for the X wide receiver based on how the brainback plays them. It is often an oblique but can be one of many male strokes. Oakland Raiders drove this from a travel formation with a narrow split that actually created a small piece of natural rubbing that made the combination as good to man and zone.

The managers would be wise to incorporate games that are designed to benefit from both cover shells if dividing the field in half or using these bundled sets to get natural sparks for what is usually a sunbathing route.

Get all info

To help Mahomes with the identification process, the bosses will use previews to determine manners or sinks. In addition, they should manipulate pre-snap customization to help Ravens show their coverage. The use of travel, stacks and tight formations will force defenders to change their customization that can write their callback. The managers will also call into the blank sets and get all five recipients from the backfield.

The availability of Sammy Watkins plays a major role in how effective judges empty sets can be but also without him they should make sure about 10 snaps out of space. It does not only force the Ravens to show man or zone, it also puts all defenders in space. The ravine’s defense is very unpleasant and physical but has some weakness to the overall team speed. Draining will help managers to take advantage of it and initiate natural routes within the framework of routing combinations.

Feel the weak points of the ravine

The ravine’s defense is very good against outside recipients or what is called a team’s two top recipients, as well as driving races in the matching game. When they struggle a bit is more with a third wide recipient, often when they are occupied in the slot and tight ends.

The bosses should strongly trust Travis Kelce, especially when Ravens tries to get Kenny Young in cover of him. Without Kelce, the combination of Watkins and Chris Conley should find some space to work over the middle, like Demetrius Harris losing for a second game in a row.

Use exaggeration against them

When a defensive line seeks to control two gaps, he can often get rid of the gap. A backbone looks like he strives for. Linebacks behind them also have control over attacking that gap so you end up with two players in the same gap. It works well when the runner actually goes to that gap, but a skilled man drives back with good eyesight, it seems that they can cut against the grain. Baltimore forces a lot of negative and short gigs to the side of the game, but a running back that holds the patient and pushes the scrimmage line without connecting to the hole can open a cut on the back of the race.

The nose thanks and the back’s defensive end reads the zone step from the blockers and tries to attack the blocks directly, even at the side angle. This ensures that they can let out, or attempt to release, both to the player’s side and the backside instead of being sealed away from the game. What might happen is that a good offensive linear will release its shoulder and hip on the side and try to turn you further play page if they know they can not seal you away from it. They wash you essentially in the line of scrimmage, so you can run back to cut back the hip. As a back you can not explode in the first daylight you see but rather be patient to push up to the line with scrimmage and force the two-gapping defensive linemen to commit before you do.

Bottom line

This is a very good Ravens defense that will test Chiefs offensive at all levels.

The game plan is about identifying their coverage in different ways and how to interfere with their physical play rather than a specific attack. The reason for this is due to how often the Raven’s defense changes from week to week or driving to driving.

Because of the multiple system and the diverse philosophy, managers must focus on identifying coverage before they can commit to a plan of attack.

Team speed is often what gives Raven’s most problem over the years and there are some Chiefs in spades. As Reid and Mahomes talked about, this is a break-up test for Chiefs offensive.

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