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Dedicated Workers at Trump Golf Club Speak Out – Live Updates | American news

An unexcited woman who has been working for more than five years as a housekeeper at Donald Trump's Trump National Golf Club in Bedminster, talks NJ in an interview with the New York Times . Clifford Levy(@ cliffordlevy) New Exclusive:Making President Trumps Bed: A Housewife Without Paper• At President NJ Golf Course, an identified immigrant has worked as a girl since 2013.https: // December 6, 2018 Democratic leader of the house Nancy Pelosi said today she is not open to accept funding for a border in exchange for protection for young immigrants who have illegally arrived as a child, per Bloomberg. Sahil Kapur(@ sahilkapur) REPORTS: Would you support full wall financing if you got a Bonafide solution on DACA? PELOSI: No. December 6, 2018 Sahil Kapur(@ sahilkapur) Nancy Pelosi keeps the door open to any kind of fencing / border money but says Democrats believe that a border wall is "immoral, ineffective, expensive" 19659015] President Trump "also promised Mexico to pay for it," she says. 6 December 2018 William Barr is the leading candidate to become Donald Trump's next Attorney General, Washington Post reports. Barr served as a General Attorney under the George HW Bush Administration. The decision is not final. Trump has filled the job, temporarily and controversially, with Matthew Whitaker after printing out Jeff Sessions. House Democratic leader Nancy Pelosi said Thursday that she is open to the idea of ​​introducing time limits on committee chairs. "It's one thing before the kiss," Pelosi said when asked about reports…

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