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Deal: Amazon Discounts Select Anchor Car Chargers & Accessories Up to 30% – Only Today

Amazon's Gold Box Deal of the Day today is full of Anker car chargers and accessories, which reduces the price…

Amazon’s Gold Box Deal of the Day today is full of Anker car chargers and accessories, which reduces the price of these products by about 30 percent (some are discounted even heavier). This Gold Box includes Anker PowerDrive Speed ​​2 for $ 18.19, Anker PowerLine + USB-C to USB cable for $ 13.99 (Lightning is available for $ 9.09), PowerDrive 2 Elite for $ 9.89, Roav SmartCharge F2 for $ 19.97, Roav Bluetooth Receiver for $ 11.99 and Roav Viva (with magnet-mounted car-mounted dashboard) for $ 46.99. Last but not least, there is the PowerWave Fast Wireless Car Charger priced at 29.99.

Anker PowerDrive Speed ​​2 Sports Quick Charge 3.0 of both ports, so you can quickly upload your smartphone on the go. Now, the PowerDrive 2 Elite is basically the same car charger, but instead of Quick Charge 3.0, the PowerIQ 2.0 is Anker’s proprietary fast download. It will talk with your phone to find out how much power it can take and just deliver so much power to your phone. Roav VIVA is a really cool car charger from Anker’s subsidiary. It also has two USB ports, but it has Alexa built-in, this lets you use Alexa in your car. And instead of always listening, there’s a button that you need to press to talk to Alexa. This may be useful for sending text messages and making calls while driving. Roav also has its SmartCharge F2, which is an FM radio and Bluetooth transmitter, and it’s a great way to add Bluetooth to your car, especially if you have an older one. Now if you only need Bluetooth, Roav Bluetooth Receiver is here too, and for less. However, SmartCharge F2 can still be a better option for most, because it has less leads (none actually) and it’s also a car charger so it can serve two purposes. Finally, we have these PowerLine + cables. Anker has a two-pack six-foot long USB-C cable and a single six-foot long flash cable for sale. These are braided cables, and at six feet long they will be very long after most and maybe too long for some things.

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