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David Price World Series Hero: Red Sox lefty completes championship reconstruction capable of winning | Matt Vautour

LOS ANGELES – Years in the future, as all of these worlds and Boston championships merge into our collective consciousness,…

LOS ANGELES – Years in the future, as all of these worlds and Boston championships merge into our collective consciousness, the 2018 playoff run will be the David Price World Series.

He was in front of this postseason and the starting cruiser in two of the Red Sox biggest winners.

The veteran beginning, whose times with Red Sox have been rocky sometimes, redefined, his perception in Boston and his legacy as a baseball player, while helping the franchise win another world series.

After its third straight, amazing season, price figures start to get some of the highest bowls, both when his Duck Boat passes in next week’s rolling rally and again when introduced on April’s opening day. 1

9659002] He is not the guy with the big contract that did not ship anymore. He is David Price – World Series Hero.

He cemented it on Sunday. In three days, Price gave a home run to the first guy he met and then did not give another race in seven strong efforts. At one point he had put down 14 straight. Joe Kelly and Chris Sale dominated behind him in the eighth and ninth, but it was Price that made it heavy.

Red Sox needed him to be this guy. The price assumed the role and all the attention and pressure that followed it.

After the game, the Red Sox fans sang behind the first base dugout his name during the postgame celebration. He tapped the lid.

“I appreciated it. We have many Red Sox fans still celebrating here,” he said. “They showed me my love. I showed it back.”

Three weeks ago, his loss in ALDS game 2 seemed to be stupid evidence that everyone believed in him was true. Do not be tough enough. Could not handle Boston. Do not have the makeup for the fall season. The price could not get out of the second inning that day and looked like a spiritually beaten man when he walked away from the garden.

He spoke radio feed and journalists asked Alex Cora if he would consider sending the price to the bullpen permanently.

Whether he was angry before Game 5 in Houston, the banana changed. In three days, he climbed the American League Championship Series with the best start and first win as starter in his postseason career.

Six days later he delivered again, with six strong innings to win the World Series Game 2 and put Boston up 2-0 in the world series. The trend continued Sunday.

As he discussed everything, the left emotions bounced around as the momentum fell. He was touched to tears when asked how much it means he was a good teammate. He was reflective, relieved, happy, witty and even incredibly angry with the media for the experienced past.

Most of all, he seemed proud of what he had been a part of.

“In order to get through this stage and in October for myself and my teammates, I know I can do it now, he said.” And it’s always a good feeling to have. It’s only good to know. “

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