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David Arquette slices his throat in wrestling “death match”

Actor David Arquette went to hospital after suffering a horror injury during a Saturday night raid in Los Angeles (AEDT).…

Actor David Arquette went to hospital after suffering a horror injury during a Saturday night raid in Los Angeles (AEDT).

The Hollywood Icon, who is also director, producer and scriptwriter and once married to Friends Star Courteney Cox was left with bloodstream everywhere when his throat was sliced ​​into a stunt wrong in a event played by Game Changer Wrestling loaded on American pay-per-view.

] Arquette tried to throw his opponent Nick Gage, who was on top of him but moved back and the 47-year-old quickly took his hand in his throat when he realized he had been cut.

Arquette continued wrestling with a hand on his throat for about 15 seconds before he left the ring.

It was reported that Gage used fluorescent lamps to hit Arquette in the head and when the glass splashed made it more harm than planned.

The match began with Gage Br Eaking a door and attacking Arquette with pieces of it before the actor responded with a couple of suicide dives.

That’s when Gage got his light, which Arquette broke when driving his rival through the ones they balanced between two chairs. [1

9659003] Gage then used a pizza maker on the Arquette head and both men took advantage of the broken fluorescent lamps, but the Hollywood star was on the receiver end of the night’s most harmful move.

Arquette came back in the ring after originally went out, but the match did not go much further when Gage caught him and won the match.

Several reports from US media claim Arquette then went to the hospital but he went to Twitter afterwards to tell everyone that he was OK, saying

Arquette has been acting in Scream franchise Never Been Kissed with Drew Barrymore and Beautiful Girls . He has also appeared in many television roles, both in the lead and roleplay.

But it may not be so famous that Arquette is a big wrestler who has history in the industry. Recall, he became WCW World Heavyweight Champion 2000 as part of a stunt to market his wrestling movie Ready to Rumble .

Now 18 years later, Arquette is back on it. He told Fox News during an interview in September that he had decided to return to the professional ring of excitement.

“I feel literally like being Rocky, I mean I’m in the gym sweating as crazy to go to gym every day for hours, you know you get it so I’m not getting so easy and losing my muscle a lot of weight, he says.

“It’s about training, it’s all about determination, that’s all if you know you believe in yourself. “

Arquette sat in the hard yards when he was aiming to return to the ring, which allegedly participated in small wrestling around America – like it on Saturday night – and according to TMZ, he had already suffered some broken ribs as he continued along comeback track.

“WWE is not the goal. I mean, I love WWE. I would love to do anything with them ever, but my main goal is to get some respect. That was really what it’s about, says Arquette this month.

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