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“Dance with the Stars”: Two pairs earn perfect points for Epic Country Night Routines – Live Updates!

Dancing With the Stars gives you a southern twang to the dance floor for Country Night! The competition is getting…

Dancing With the Stars gives you a southern twang to the dance floor for Country Night!

The competition is getting harder because the remaining participants and their partners take the stage for an evening of joking routines set for classic national teams. From what we heard from the couples, fans can expect a lot of flannel, a little denim and a lot of cowboy hats – not to mention some exciting live musical performances and the long-awaited dance dances!

ET will Be blogs all the action in the ballroom so be sure to come with us here on Twitter and Facebook as we read about the routines.

Joe’s food store got some cake

5: 1


Last week, Joe got his first “8” of the whole season, and the star bachelor took it to his heart by convincing Saying that he is now a professional dancer, at least according to his preparation.

With his newfound confidence, Joe and Jenna met the dance floor for a leather-dressed tango – added to “Burning Man” by Dierk’s Bentley ft. Brothers Osborne – and despite his best efforts, the dance received a weak response from the judges.

“Imagine if Mad Max had to tango over bumpy roads, into the wilderness, surrounded by a firepower, to an explosion! It looked exactly like that, Bruno said, perhaps the best description of the dance that could possibly be given.

At the same time, Carrie Ann Joe compiled the refusal to give up and called him an “anomaly”, which she apparently meant as a compliment.

In the end, the pair earned a 21 out of 30 (which is actually quite good compared to most weeks this season) and will have a new chance to impress the judges with Team Dance later in the show. [19659011] Cole Swindell proves that DWTS needs more live performances

5:41 PM:

Cole Swindell treated the audience to a live performance of “Love you too late” and it just shows that some more live musical performances, even if they are not in one of the competing dances, would not be a bad thing.

Juan Pablo and Cheryl Head two the fair


Juan Pablo and Cheryl can really do some kind of dance looking good. Last week they got a perfect rating for their Halloween Night dance, and tonight they performed their games even more.

The couple hit the dance floor to perform a landscaping Charleston – set to “One Shot” by Hunter Hayes – largely taking place at the back of a pickup truck, and it was almost perfect.

“Is there anything you can not do?” Carrie Ann wondered under the feedback. “You get everything to look so easy and so easy!”

It seems that another thing Juan Pablo and Cheryl can do is get two perfect points in a row! The pair got an additional 30 out of 30, possibly cemented their place in the semifinals DWTS .

Can we have an All-Pro Season?

5:27 PM:

So, I Get It Dancing With the Stars is about watching famous people who do not know how to dance learning to dance, and that’s good.

But every time they come back from a commercial break with a professional experience, it’s always amazing! 100% of the time.

Would it really be crazy to have a season where our favorites DWTS are trying to cope and compete for their own Mirrorball trophy?

Evanna and Keo Showcase Their Gracefulness

] 5:22 PM:

Evanna and Keo got their first 10th of the season last week for their Halloween Night performance, meaning the bar was higher than ever to Country Night.

Although it seems that none of Keo Evanna was not very familiar with country music entering rehearsals, you would never be able to tell from the emotional, amazing rumba they delivered.

Creating a live play from Carly Pearce, singing her single “Every Little Thing” routine was an ethereal and majestic shift of grace and delicacy that was also a perfect representation of dancing talent.

Each of the judges wondered about Evannas “transformation” into a ballroom dance queen and they backed up these compliments with three “10s for a perfect result of 30 out of 30!”

The amazing score provoked more than just a jubilee from Keo! The long DWTS pro actually ran over and kissed Len, famous the most stupid judge, just on the cheek to celebrate glory.

John and Emma Bring Jazz Down to South

5:09 PM:

Under John’s emotional bandage, the actor got torn to open up for his difficult divorce and credited DWTS to help him keep his head over water during this challenging time of his life. 19659002] John and Emma performed a jazz routine set to “Thank God, I’m a Boy of a Country” by John Denver (19659002). It was a profound and powerful piece of humanity that made us appreciate his efforts on the dance floor yet more., and although it seems like jazz dance and country music can be difficult to combine, the Hazzard star’s duchess pulled off an incredible achievement.

The number set in a grain field showed John’s special talents and met with unanimous love from the judges who awarded the pair one in 25 out of 30, making it his best-rated dance for the season so far.

Double elimination comes!


Tom Bergeron announced it just before John Schneider’s dressing material, but the longest double elimination comes tonight.

This means we will cut down the competition field by 25 percent!

Kicks things right

5:02 PM:

Daisy dukes? Verify.

Flannel? Verify.

Cowboy boots? Check.

Diamond-protected bikini tops? Sure why not.

Yup, this Country Night kicked off with the perfect opening number to make us kick out for a fun, bombastic evening with country-themed performances.

An Elimination Trend Emerges

4:59 PM:

It is worth mentioning that Mary Lous elimination marks the fifth straight woman in a row to get fired by the show. In fact, only women have been eliminated so far. In a remaining field with eight hopeful, there are six guys and two ladies.

Could this be the first time in many years that DWTS has a comprehensive final? We have to wait and see what star is going home tonight, but the odds are leaning that way.

There we are after last week …


After a fun Halloween Night full of spooky, goofy and generally featured performances, the two stars were on the shooting block Mary Lou Retton and partner Sasha Farber, as well as Alexis Ren and her pro-partner Alan Bersten – although neither couple in danger was at the bottom of the leaderboard.

In the end, the former Olympic who got the ax left Alexis and Alan to continue exploring his growing ornament for at least one week in the competition.

with the semi-finals of the show fast approaching, there is a very good chance that we will finally get a double elimination this week, so it must be maintained for all the couples of the week.

Dance with the Stars Air Mondays at 20.00 ET / PT on ABC


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