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Dallas Cowboys: Why Cowboys Need Dak Prescott To Train Their Number 1 QB, New Trainer Or Not

Jean-Jacques Taylor, Cowboys insider for NBC 5 in Dallas-Fort Worth (KXAS TV) and hosting JAM session 9th-1pm weekdays at 103.3…

Jean-Jacques Taylor, Cowboys insider for NBC 5 in Dallas-Fort Worth (KXAS TV) and hosting JAM session 9th-1pm weekdays at 103.3 KESN-FM, answered your questions in a live chat recently. Here are some highlights.

Would not it be stupid to give Prescott a big contract extension? He does not seem to improve and it is his third year in the league. Even Garret’s service seems to be over at the seasons. The new coach can not see what he wants in Prescott. That means we get another yes, you’re a coach.

JJT : The reality is that you do not have to extend him to the end of next season. If there is no significant change, I would surely shoot Garrett and Linehan after the season and hire a new innovative offensive mind and give him a year to rebuild Dak. Then I would see how Dak flourished or not under the new system and bases my decision around it. You want Dak to succeed. The journey to find a quarterback can be a lonely place and you are not guaranteed anything if you take the player # 1

in total or in the fourth round. Go and watch the different franchises in NFL and see how long a team has gone without a franchise quarterback and it just shocks you.

Zeke Elliott had a big game after fighting for the past few weeks. Is he back to being himself and can we expect the rest of the way?

JJT : Do not run the ball in a vacuum. It takes everyone to work together to drive the ball, and that’s what happened last night when Elliott 19 had 151 floors. He had runs of 32, 15, 35, 13 and 18 meters. The line moved people out of the way, and he took advantage of it. It helped make the score close, so the Cowboys did not have to stop the track. They could keep up with it and try to introduce their will to the eagles.

Jaylon Smith “threw X” after his big fourth downturn. It turns out that Dez was not a locker room cancer?

JJT : Name of the people who said Dez was a locker because I do not remember any of them. I think people said he could not drive routes well and he struggled to catch 50-50 balls and other things that made him an average recipient. It was Dez who said he would recommend not playing injured. The majority of Dez’s teammates have always enjoyed him. As said, he was in New Orleans for two days. The Saints never saw Petulant Dez. Or moody Dez. Or angry Dez. Like us all, he is complicated.

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