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Dallas Cowboy's owner Jerry Jones says he will not do in-season coaching change

November 6, 2018 Sports 1 Views ARLINGTON, Texas – Dallas Cowboy's owner and director general Jerry Jones had a word…

ARLINGTON, Texas – Dallas Cowboy’s owner and director general Jerry Jones had a word response when asked if there was any scenario in which he would make a season’s major coaching change 2018 after his team’s 28-14-14 loss for Tennessee Titans on Monday night .

“No,” Jones said.

Jones has only made a season’s main coaching change since he bought Cowboys in 1989 and was raising Jason Garrett to his current role in favor of Wade Phillips after the cowboys came to a 1-7 start to the 2010 season.

  • Two-time Pro Bowl recipient Amari Cooper, in his first game with the Cowboys, made his first Dallas touchdown and ended with five prisoners for 58 meters, but that was not enough when Dallas lost to Tennessee 28-14.

The Titans released the Cowboys to 3-5 at mid-season of the season and left them two matches behind NFC East-leading Washington Redskins. The Cowboys play 4-4 Philadelphia Eagles on Sunday at the Lincoln Financial Field.

“I think we have eight games to go, we have a long way to go this season,” Jones said. “We want to play better than we played tonight so I really think every single person and coach and office person will need to do better, including me.”

Bye Jones acted for broad recipient Amari Cooper, sent Cowboys first round select 2019 to Oakland Raiders and Garrett chose to make a change with offensive line coaches, continuing from Paul Alexander to Marc Colombo.

When asked if it could be a Change with Offensive Co-ordinator Scott Linehan, Jones said, “I do not anticipate any more coaching changes.”

The Cowboys hoped that these movements would make them enter the Tennessee game, but Cowboys failed to score a second half.

“I did not sincerely see this,” Jones said. “I thought we would sit here with a positive result. This is a surprise to me and is a backlash. Now that you are halfway through the season, you lose a ball game in NFL, if it makes you deter or believe that there is a future ahead of you then you have chosen the right world to enter. It is not the life we ​​have chosen. “

After taking over Phillips, Garrett has published a 70-58 record with just two matches and a late season victory. He was named NFLs coach of the year in 2016 after the cowboys went 4-12 years 2015, their worst rating since Jones first year when they went 1-15.

“I do not like how we played tonight, says Jones.” Had we played much better tonight and had the loss, I would be more positive about that. We must play better. We are not in anything if we do not play better. We must play better. We did not play well for some reason after the first spur of energy at the start of the game. We just did not play very well. “

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