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Dallas Cowboy's owner Jerry Jones gives his support to quarterback Dak Prescott

November 6, 2018 Sports 2 Views FRISCO, Texas – To the owner and general manager Jerry Jones, quarterback Dak Prescott…

FRISCO, Texas – To the owner and general manager Jerry Jones, quarterback Dak Prescott is the long-term answer for Dallas Cowboys, even after two rounds played a major role on Monday evening for Tennessee Titans.

“Listen, Dak is the quarterback of Dallas Cowboys,” Jones said on 105.3 Fan in Dallas on Tuesday. “He is young and he will be expanded.”

Roof Prescott was dropped five times by titans on monday night. Tom Pennington / Getty Images

Prescott is under contract until 2019, but the cowboys can start negotiations for extension after this season if they choose. What Jones did not say was what kind of extension he would be willing to give Prescott. At the beginning of the season, speculation was that Prescott could watch a $ 100 million deal – which has become a standard for starting quarterbacks – if he had a good year.

The Cowboys are 3-5 in the halfway to the season and Prescott has thrown for 1,660 meters with 10 touchdown passes and five interceptions. He has lost four fumes and has been wasted 28 times. He has driven for 247 meters and two points.

The cowboys can wait for a deal until after the 2019 season, and even then would have the opportunity to use Prescott’s franchise tag if needed. The Cowboys will have major financial decisions to make defensive end DeMarcus Lawrence, run back Ezekiel Elliott, wide recipient Amari Cooper and cornerback Byron Jones who may affect the timing of any agreement for Prescott.

After leading Cowboys to a 13-3 mark in 2016, when throwing 23 touchdown passes and just four interceptions on his way to winning the Rookie of the Year award, Prescott is 12-12 in his past 24 matches with 32 touchdown passes and 18 interceptions.

In the loss of the titans, Prescott had a passport whacked in the final zone and lost a fumble that led to two Tennessee touchdowns.

“Tonight’s game – not – I do not stress – affects my future look at Dak Prescott,” Jones said after the match.

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