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D.C. bar loses cases against Trump and his hotel

Legal By JOSH GERSTEIN 11/26/2018 06:17 EST A Washington bar has come up dry in its legal challenge against David…


A Washington bar has come up dry in its legal challenge against David versus-Goliath to what it claims is unfair competition from President Donald Trump and his luxury hotel on Pennsylvania Avenue.

The Court of Justice Richard Leon on Monday rejected the costume last the year of the Cork Wine Bar, claiming that Trump used its official position to increase its activity.

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But Leon ruled that measures like using the White House to promote family business are on rt in the free market and does not constitute a violation of the District of Columbia’s usual prohibition of unfair competition, even if they ultimately harm competing companies like Cork. [19659007] “Unfortunately for Cork,” Competition is not a harm …. “It should not be either,” wrote Leon. “In order to keep Cork’s claims in this case, I would condemn a big blow of legitimate business behavior. … I would rule out all kinds of prominent people – from pop singer to celebrity chefs to professional athletes – from taking equity in the companies they promote The fact is that I would read “unfairly” right out of “unfair” competition. I can not do that! “

Leon noted that Cork sees Trumps and his hotel efforts to perform on the president’s” praise “as” unpleasant and unclear, if not unethical “. However, the referee stressed that the 14 th Street bar and restaurant had not claimed that Trump or his agents took any direct action against the establishment, such as blocking their entrance or trying to discourage potential customers from holding events in Cork.

Leon said that his decision for Trump in the suit was forced by a DC circuit in 1978 as a tour guide company run by Ellen Proxmire, the late William Proxmire spouse (D-Wis.), Was not engaged in unfair competition through To offer insider access as other companies could not easily match. Leon, a deputy of President George W. Bush, declined to weigh into a related legal question of whether he became president, Trump was obliged to give up the lease agreement that allowed the hotel to function in and around federal property at the Old Post Office -the building. Some have argued that a provision in the lease prohibits any federal officials from benefiting from the arrangement, but General Services Administration found that there was no obstacle to the continued operation of the hotel by companies controlled by Trump.

A lawyer for Trump and his hotel, Eric Sitarchuk, declined to comment on Leon’s ruling.

Brad Moss, Cork lawyer, said his client considered an appeal.

“We are disappointed that Judge Leon saw a president utilizing his public office as a legitimate business conduct,” said Moss, representing journalists, including POLITICO reporters, in press-access cases. “We are urged that Cork’s standing never be challenged and that we are in a country that supports the rule of law and allows a local small business to challenge the president in the United States where necessary. We will continue to fight for those injured by the apparent corruption in the current administration. “

The right, lodged in March 2017, is just one of several Trump faces allegations that his company illegally benefits from his presidency. Two of the cases – one taken by the governments of Maryland and Columbia, and another raised by almost 200 democratic senators and members of the House – have found some moves in the courts, but no judgment has been reached as to whether Trump’s business arrangement violates the constitution Prohibition of foreign benefits.

Two others woken up in New York City were rejected and are currently appealed.

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