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D.C. Area Forecast: Oktoberpraga today, showers tonight. Warm Saturday and Blust Sunday!

The Capitol (with a little hint of autumn) by angela n. Via Flickr (angela n. Via Flickr) DAILY DAY DIGIT…

The Capitol (with a little hint of autumn) by angela n. Via Flickr (angela n. Via Flickr)


9/10: Shake off early chill and some late clouds … we have plenty of Friday gloss to enjoy between. [Camden, CWG]


Today: Mostly sunny. Weak wind. High: Low-to-mid 60’s.

Tonight: Clouds are increasing. Showers later? Low: Nearly 50 to the mid 50’s.

Saturday: Mostly cloudy. Shower? High: Mid-to-Top 60s.

Sunday: Partly sunny. Windy? Highs: Upper 40s to low 50s.

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Go outside! Today it may be the best day in this forecast. Nice October terms and lots of sun! It’s still comfortable tomorrow but even a little cloudy in the evening’s showers do not go out as we wish they should. Sunday may feel like in early December! Brrr.

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Today (Friday): It may be quite frosty in patches this morning. Eventually the temperature rises to the late afternoon to the mid 60’s. If 10-15 mph of southern winds goes earlier than forecast, we could actually see some upper 60’s. Sunshine warms us efficiently! Eat lunch out if you can. Clouds may increase later in the afternoon, but nothing big as it seems now. We’ll see it. Confidence: Medium-High

Tonight : Evening skis can diminish quite quickly, but try to find some breaks for some Orionid meteors that will peak overnight. Any showers can wait until midnight before dawn. They should be light and scattered – which means that it is not an organized shield of rain that is more guaranteed to make everyone bleed. Slightly steady southwest winds near 10 mph can help curb the city’s temperatures in the mid 50’s. The upper 40s to close to 50 degrees are more likely in cooler spots away from the Beltway. Confidence: Medium-High

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Tomorrow (Saturday ) : Clouds can dominate the morning hours but slowly more sun rays should arrive in the afternoon. Spread showers can not be ruled out early, but nothing too heavy or widespread expected. Notable Western winds can blow around 15 mph sometimes, making the low to mid 60’s feel a few degrees cooler. Trust: Medium

Tomorrow night: A cloud period and a couple of showers could go through in the evening, but the chance is quite low. Clouds should slowly decrease overnight, as winds slowly increase (over 15 mph from northwest at dawn). At just before the sunrise, we should see the mid 40’s, with readings around 40 possible north and west of the city. Subtract about 5 degrees for wind disturbance near dawn! Trust: Medium


Sunday: It can be windy and very cool. Morning wind temperatures in the upper 30’s can not be ruled out, with northwest winds around 20 mph possible. The upper 40’s to the low 50’s can be our high temperatures! We will keep an eye on it as we get closer. Without a few days of “self-destructive” sunshine that bubbles up warmer air from the ground to a cold air pocket above us – creates a little cloud cover – we should really have a pretty bright day. Confidence: Medium

Sunday evening: We could see another frost tube and freezing because it is clear and northwest breeze slowly quiet during the dawn. Most spots before the sunrise should float in the 30’s, with over 30’s possible in the warmest places near the city center. Confidence: Medium

Sunshine and southern winds can begin a small warming development Monday to Tuesday . Just periodic clouds both days, as it seems now, with generally sunny clouds and moderate west southwest winds close to 10 mph. The mid-1950s to close to 60 may feel tolerant for Monday, hotter mid-to-60s is possible on Tuesday. Rain clouds should be low. We customize details, if necessary, as we approach! Confidence: Medium

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