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CVS offers 'guaranteed net cost' for pharmacy benefit clients

(Reuters) – Pharmacy chain and benefits manager CVS Health Corp on Wednesday said as or Jan. 1 het zal een…

(Reuters) – Pharmacy chain and benefits manager CVS Health Corp on Wednesday said as or Jan. 1 het zal een nieuwe voorschrijfvoordeel aanbieden die haar gezondheidsbepalingen garandeert 100 procent van eventuele kortingen, kortingen of andere kosten betaald door drugmakers.

Het nieuwe planmodel is gericht op het verstrekken van grotere drugskosten eenvoud, voorspeldheid en transparantie, CVS zei .

The “guaranteed net cost” option could also deflect growing criticism that pharmacy benefit managers (PBMs) reap gains off the widening gap between pharmaceutical list prices and their lower net cost after hefty rebates paid by drugmakers to secure coverage and access to their products.

President Donald Trump, who has promised lower prescription drug costs for US consumers, earlier this year, identified as “intermediaries,” such as PBMs and insurers, and the common practice of drugmakers offering rebates to them.

PBMs like CVS ‘Caremark Unit make a profit using their scale to negotiate drug prices and by providing cost-management strategies to health plans. Under den nye optionen, CVS tager på risikoen for atrådsprisinflation og skift i stofbrug &#821

1; i det mindste for hver kontrakts kontrakt.

Den nye modellen garanterer gennemsnitsudgifter pr. Recept på hver distributionskanal – detailhandel, postordre og specialty drugstore, Derica Rice, president of CVS Caremark, said in an interview.

Rival PBM Express Scripts Holding Co. last month announced a new drug coverage list aimed at accommodating reduced prices for brand-name drugs as a way to encourage drugmakers to

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Trump Administration officials have also suggested ending the rebate practice.

“If rebates go away, this model accommodates that,” said Rice. “But as long as we get to the lowest net cost we are indifferent.”

He said plan sponsors still have the option to choose whether to pass any rebates to patients at the pharmacy counter.


Rice sa at både eksisterende og nye kunder har allerede valgt at vedtage nettoresultatet næste year, but he declined to estimate how many clients were expected to make the switch.

The company, which last week completed its $ 69 billion acquisition of health insurance company Aetna said it hopes that other PBMs will shift to similar net cost pricing models , waardoor klanten de mogelijkheid hebben om de netto kosten van hun apotheekbenefit te beoordelen en een PBM op basis van die criteria te selecteren.

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