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Customers already see the match between Goldschmidt and Cardinals | St. Louis Cardinals

The telephone conversation came while Turner Ward was at breakfast in Los Angeles, and headed for the ball site as…

The telephone conversation came while Turner Ward was at breakfast in Los Angeles, and headed for the ball site as Dodger’s first year-based coach. The previous summer, in 2015, he had the same position with Arizona, climbed in the wires of Diamondback’s system along with one of his best students, Paul Goldschmidt. It was who was on the phone, out of the blue.

Goldschmidt said that he and his wife had a gift to him and a condition.

“You can not say no,” Goldschmidt told him, Ward recalled.

Delivered to his home later was a letter from Goldschmidt and a treasure, a few rooms left Thursday when Ward described the conversation. Every day, he is home, Ward passes the high glossy Silver Slugger Award trophy that Goldschmidt gave him after winning it in 201

5. Furthermore, it is a picture of him who presents Goldschmidt with his 2013 Silver Slugger Trophy. Ward listed several feelings he had about the gift, from “surprise” to “humiliated” before embarking on other precious metals to describe his former protégé.

“St. Louis Cardinals got – yes, I want to say a gem of a player, but he is actually a gold player, a gold person, Ward said.” You always hear about the best players in the game and how they can inspire others round them, make them all the better. It’s Paul. (As opponent) you would never have ended up in a big situation. When the game is on the line, whether he came through or not, it’s the power of what he could do that has your attention. “

The cardinals introduce their new first basseman and annual MVP candidate Goldschmidt at a press conference on Friday morning at Busch Stadium. The team will slide on a shirt – and start jail to see it and they are long-term.

The cardinals acquired Goldschmidt, a six-hour All-Star, in a four-player deal on Wednesday afternoon that sent the pot Luke Weaver, catcher Carson Kelly, minor leaguer Andy Young and a 2019 draft to Diamondbacks. Goldschmidt, 31, immediately reinforces a record that had searching for the “power” in the middle. He will remain in his contract for a season, but all the plays by a Cardinals player will strive to extend as they did with Matt Holliday recently. The Cardinals did not seek the opportunity to negotiate an extension with Goldschmidt before Wednesday’s trading, but sources described Thursday how they feel what an extension can look like. Jose Altuve seven-year-old a $ 163.5 million extension with Houston offers a clue of understanding Goldschmidt grows older at the end of the deal.

A shorter five-year extension close to $ 150 million would fit the market. The cardinals intend to take his clues from Goldschmidt so that he can become comfortable and familiar with the organization and both sides can decide if this is the commitment they are ready to do. A handful of Goldschmidt’s comrades volunteered in the last few days how they already see the match.

“He is honestly the perfect cardinal,” said former Cardinals outfiler Jon Jay, who was Goldschmidt’s teammate in Arizona this past summer.

In four of the last five seasons, the cardinals have had subpar performance from the first base, a power position. As soon as 2015, Goldschmidt won Silver Slugger at the first base and gave it to Ward. The cardinal production at the rankings ranked 28th in OPS (.702) and 29th in Slugging (.392). The cardinals have not had a hitter in any position, giving 25 homers, 90 RBIs and a .900 or bigger OPS since Lance Berkman and Albert Pujols both did 2011. The last six seasons, Goldschmidt, are on average 29 homers, 98 RBIs and a .934 OPS.

The first time the cardinals got better than average production at the first base since 2013 this last summer when Matt Carpenter’s .897 OPS ranked as a first bazaar ranked second in the position in the majors.

Goldschmidt s .922 ranks first.

The presence of Goldschmidt gives the cardinals a monster first in a division defined by the production at that position and by a new round of MVPs. Seven of the last 11 national league MVP have come from NL Central and four of these winners remain in the division: Christian Yelich (2018), Kris Bryant (2016), Ryan Braun (2011) and Joey Votto (2010). In Goldschmidt’s six seasons regular in majors, his .934 OPS ranks behind only Votto’s .957 among first bases, and Cub’s first basseman Anthony Rizzo ranked fifth at .864. Rizzo ranked fifth in slugging also at .493, behind Votto, whose .516 slugging is second among the first bases since 2012.

Goldschmidt’s .534 ranks first.

“It was a big division before this trade and even better now,” said Cub’s President Theo Epstein to reporters in Chicago on Thursday. “We have not made the matches for three consecutive years and have the kind of younger talent’s depth – we expected (Cardinals) to make another consolidation type for another good player, and they really got a real elite player in Paul Goldschmidt.” [19659003] Cardinals officials, boss and owners have reserved comment to trade to Friday’s press conference.

Ward, recently employed as Cincinnati’s striking coach, has an idea of ​​the impression that Goldschmidt will make. He has seen it since he was the Gold Glove winner’s class AA.

“There were some naysayers out there wondering if he could adapt to big league pitching, but it was never, never ever a question for me, Sade Ward.” He is strong mentally, he is looking for adjustments he adapts and I’ve never had a player as good as he already came to me and said, “What do I need to do better?” That’s the best question if coaches can ever hear. “

With Goldschmidt in place in response to Cardinal’s big-league hunt, the team is not yet ready to shop when next week’s winter meeting in Las Vegas arrives. Goldin’s winners of $ 14.5 million in 2019 give Cardinals the flexibility to drive an elite release reliever The cardinals are also expected to meet with former MVP Bryce Harpers agent next week in Vegas, and they will be aware of their market and contract length as he chases. They are better placed now with the bat that they already requested The Cardinals also cleans a 40-man art scene with the Goldschmidt trade that streamlines an addition – or allows them to participate in next week’s 5-draft unprotected minor league player.

The Goldschmidt Agreement does not endorse the cardinals ” Other chores while, as a NL Scout said on Thursday, he adds “a bat … (and) doing both offensive and infield defended better. “

” It only reinforces NL Central’s earning and we have our work cut out for us, “Epstein told reporters in Chicago,” and so it should be. “


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