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Creative's Super X-Fi Amp Heads to the United States

October 29, 2018 Technology 1 Views Creativ's newest SXFI Amp is small but packs a sound punch. Aloysius Low /…

Creativ’s newest SXFI Amp is small but packs a sound punch.

Aloysius Low / CNET

Those living in the United States can finally try the Creative’s SXFAI Amp &#821

1; and it costs only $ 150.

The Dongel can be used with all USB phones, Android devices or consoles like PlayStation 4, and dramatically enhances the sound of your headphones to make them sound like speakers coming from around you.

Online shopping on November 1, the SFXI Amp delivers the sound of your ears based on the ear shape and works incredibly well. Check out our hands-on for more information . The online launch in the USA is after a soft launch on the company’s home market in Singapore, but US customers will not be able to get a customized fitting like in Singapore.

Finally. Apple iPhone users who want to try the magic must wait to release their Bluetooth SFXI Air Headset when it comes, even though Creative did not say when it started.

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