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Crazy Ex-Girlfriend: Skins Astin debuts a “Pitch Perfect” New Greg

[Editor'sNote:Thefollowingcontains spoilers from "Crazy Ex-Girlfriend" "Season 4, Episode 8," I'm not the person I used to be. Rebecca (Rachel Bloom)…

[Editor’sNote:Thefollowingcontains spoilers from “Crazy Ex-Girlfriend” “Season 4, Episode 8,” I’m not the person I used to be. Rebecca (Rachel Bloom) can not recognize his alcoholic ex-boyfriend Greg (Santino Fontana) when he appears at the college’s meeting after two years away, due to the fact that “Pitch Perfect “star Skylar Astin, not Fontana, now plays Greg.

” We wrote [Fontana] outside the show because he volunteered. And he will be in “Tootsie” on Broadway, Bloom said during a panel for the show on the TV Critics Association press tour this summer. “But with an actor who left, it left an exciting gap. His character has become as lore.”

With Becky in “Roseanne”, Viv vowed in the “Fresh Prince of Bel-Air” or Darren in “Bewitched” Recasting a role is usually not recognized on the show, although the audience may not only be aware of the change. But “Crazy Ex-Girlfriend” did the opposite and uses the rework as an opportunity to comment on the changes that Rebecca went through this season when she sought therapy for her personality disorder. She is not the person Greg had met in the pilot, and therefore the way she interprets the world is different. He has also undergone changes, seeking a new life for recovery and higher education in Atlanta.

“It seemed very fun for us to explore characters that did not see each other for so long,” said co-creator Aline Brosh McKenna. “He’s a character who has been in recovery for two years, and she has been in a fairly serious recovery for a year herself. It seemed like a fun time to return to people who really changed so much.”

Rachel Bloom and Skylar Astin, “Crazy Ex-Girlfriend”


Rebecca’s friends have no trouble recognizing Greg, which reinforces the idea that the audience has experienced the show through Rebecca’s obsessive point of view. While it was known that the show’s many musical numbers take place in Rebecca’s head, it reveals that Rebecca is actually a horrible singer. She just thinks she sounds amazing, and that’s what the audience has experienced.

Brosh McKenna said, “The exhibition is very first-hand, and we usually deal with her perceptual problems that she sees the world, other than other people. It seemed like it was very rewarding.”

] When Rebecca and Greg do not end up, they are not willing to mud up a past that is driven by chemistry, but troubled by their respective problems. They decide to start over again, leading to the “Nice to meet you” song number, where the two sing and dance through different hit-to-end scenarios in the subway, in a bar and at the doctor’s office.

Vincent Rodriguez III and Rene Gube, “Crazy Ex-Girlfriend”


High school reunion also provides other possibilities for rethinking perceptions. Popular brother Josh Chan (Vincent Rodriguez III) was appointed King of Kings in senior years, and he has taken responsibility for it a little too seriously as the school’s supposed leader. He, however, learns that his mate was actually voted for the king and did not want the role so Josh became runner-up.

“Josh discovers that there has been no lash of his identity. The royal king has been a major part of his identity,” said Brosh McKenna. “Josh has really had many of his thoughts about moving over time. This is hard for him to swallow, but what he perceives is, like many of the challenges he has experienced in life, this actually an opportunity for him to move on and do something that the college’s hero usually does not. “

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Josh begins by hanging out with a group of people he did not” I do not know existed at his high school: The Abracada-Bros, a group of magic enthusiasts who include George (Danny Jolles), one of Rebecca’s former co-workers. This also leads to the musical number “What You Missed While You Was Popular”, which opens his eyes to his narrow gymnasium.

Josh is not the only one who has his world change after a revelation. His college darling Valencia (Gabrielle Ruiz), now called Beth (Emma Willmann), had a dry affair with another student at that time and also wanted to run away with him after graduation. In a classic case of mixed relations, her note disappeared that her love was lost … just to be recovered at the reunion. In a detailed revelation it turns out that her old flame is Father Brah (Rene Gube, who also wrote the episode), the cool priest who advised Josh and his friends.

“It was something that the author’s room had always talked about, she seemed to have never been so happy with Josh,” said Brosh McKenna. “We also always wanted to make a section where we came into the father Brah and his past a little more to show a priest in a manner that is dimensional so that he is not holy, that you see that he has struggled a bit in his life to come to where he is that he was a young man just like everyone else and made this decision. “

Gabrielle Ruiz and Vella Lovell, Crazy Ex-Girlfriend 19659010] The CW

This section marks halfway in the” Crazy Ex-Girlfriends “last season. Rebecca gets help, ending his lawyer to run a entertainment store and seeing the world differently are not the only signs of progress from her early days of instability. Although she and this new Greg seem to revive her romance, she confesses to him that soon after he left , she spirals out of control and slept with her father. Oj.

“He is very upset, devastated, disgusted. But he also sees it against her saying that, and she probably would not have said that two years ago, “said Brosh McKenna. “She did not need to tell him. He actually sees at the moment that she has also changed and she meets the emotional consequences. So, I think he admires it even if he wants a barf.”

Rebecca’s story began to follow her love Josh Chan across the country to live in West Covina. During these four seasons she is dated to him, Greg, and the lawyer Nathaniel (Scott Michael Foster) and has since split because of her problems. Now that she is on the way to recovery and all three men are alone in the same city, Brosh McKenna says that a love quake really could “be” in her future but would only confirm Rebecca’s wide course.

There is a happiness gap for her, and there has always been between where she is and where she wants to be, she said. “She’ll keep trying to brush it out.”

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