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Cramer: Company with China, Fed binds “guilty until proven innocent”

3M: Tuesday morning marks "the toughest number of hours in the win season" and Cramer is most concerned about the…

3M: Tuesday morning marks “the toughest number of hours in the win season” and Cramer is most concerned about the 3M report, the manufacturer of shackles and a host of other consumer, industrial and healthcare products. 19659002] On Thursday, Cramer noted that he is considering trimming his charity position in 3M before the quarter.

“Unless the company announces any significant changes in its worldwide portfolio, I expect it to steer down due to the weakness of cars,” he said. “It’s too bad, 3M’s stocks are now below 60 points and it has still not been possible to attract any significant buyers.”

Verizon: Cramer was waiting for “another star neighborhood” from telecom giant Verizon.

“It’s fun, the stock is just a buck of its 52 weeks high because history is all domestic with enormous strength in wireless and a good return,” he said. “If Verizon comes into all Monday, just go buy it, thank you.”

United Technologies: The “Money Money” host group is still waiting for United Technologies to complete its store to buy Rockwell Collins and reiterates that “

The only thing missing is the Chinese government’s approval, which has been” outrageous ” in the United States and China’s dispute over their trade relationship, “said Cramer.

” Let me, however, have a worrying mind right now: Today, Honeywell, who is further in his restructuring, reported what I can only say was one monster good quarter […] but … someone talked about charges on the call and then, the bomb, the next thing you know, the stock is actually down, “Cramer said.

” It’s very difficult to trust industry because of China, and Fed also do not make it easy, “he continued.” Since United Technologies has some housing exposures and some Chinese exposure, [I&#821

7;ll] passes. ”

Caterpillar: Another China-linked indu stri, Caterpillar, will issue its performance report.

“Caterpillar should be great, but I doubt someone will really care,” said Cramer. “McDonald’s McDonald’s, however, can emulate Procter & Gamles” coiled spring “effect when the chain’s CEO, Steve Easterbrook is talking about a return to growth in the US market, Cramer said.

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