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Cowboys players and coaches respond to Dez Bryant's sign with the Saints

When Dallas Cowboys return Dez Bryant in April, things did not end precisely on good terms . On the day…

When Dallas Cowboys return Dez Bryant in April, things did not end precisely on good terms .

On the day he was released, Bryant told the move on the fact that several players on Cowboy’s roster did not want him on the team anymore. Bryant also shot a shot at the team in July where he ripped several people, including coach Jason Garrett, to run a “garbage” break.

It does not seem like any animosity between the cowboys and Bryant. After the free agent’s broad recipient signed with the Saints on Wednesday, Garrett and several players went out to mention how lucky they were for Bryant, who is expected to train for the first time with New Orleans on Thursday.

“I’m really fond of him and that opportunity,” said Garrett via USA Today. “I know it’s important to him. He wants to finish his career strong, done a good job for this organization, has been a player in this league during his eight-year game. It seems like a really good opportunity for him and I know it will help their team. “

The odd part of this signature is that the cowboys must actually meet Bryant this season. In week 1

3, Dez will return to Dallas when Cowboys are hosting the Saints. Garrett was asked if he had hoped Bryant would write with a team that does not play the Cowboys this year and he repeated his first response, which seemed to be his way of answering the question.

“I’m glad for Dez, glad he’s able to play and play properly,” said Garrett. “It will be a good environment for him to have a big impact.”

It’s a guy who definitely sticks to his speeches.

Besides Garrett, Cowboys who drove back Ezekiel Elliott were also excited to see Bryant get a new job.

“They get a good recipient,” said Elliott, Pro Football Talk. “He goes up and attacks the ball better than I’ve seen anyone. He’s definitely a special player, and I’m glad he’s picked up and I’m glad there was something that worked for him.”

Cowboy defensive linewoman Tyrone Crawford has actually been hanging out with Bryant recently, and if his scouting report is to be believed, the Saints get a guy who looks like an animal.

“It’s great for him, man,” Crawford said via PFT. “I’m happy with Dez. I heard him a couple of weeks back, and I saw how he looked and he was – he looks like an animal right now. I just hope for the best because he’s a good friend of mine . “

In the case of Bryant, one thing he may want to do before returning to Dallas on November 29 to buy some extra shirts, because apparently a lot of his old teammates are hoping to trade with him after the game. .

The tweet is from Cowboys linebacker Jaylon Smith and it was followed a short time later by a tweet from the defensive end of Taco Charlton.

It seems that Dez is still loved in Dallas and he will be a popular guy when he returns to AT & T Stadium at the end of the month.

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