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Court rulings on border policy “a shame”

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By Jonathan Allen

WASHINGTON – Many Americans Prepared to Eat Roasted Turkey for Thanksgiving Thursday Donald Trump used a vacation talks to US troops and Twitter to roast Chief Justice John Roberts and the federal courts.

“Justice Roberts can say what he wants, but the 9th circuit is a complete and complete disaster,” wrote Trump on Twitter. “Judges may not make security … and security at the border or anywhere else. They do not know anything about it and make our country unsafe.” Our major law firms must be allowed to do their job! If not, it’s just going to be bad luck, chaos, harm and death. We want the constitution to be written! “

The leaders of two of the three branches of the federal government have collapsed this week over Trump’s contest by a federal judge who ruled that the administration must consider asylum applications no matter where migrants cross the border to the United States.

While Trump did not name Roberts in his conference call with members of the military Thursday morning, he shook the ninth circle.

“We get many bad court decisions from the ninth circle, which has become a big hit on our part,” he said about the federal appeal circuit that is usually directed towards conservative foreclosure. “It’s a terrible thing when the judges take over your protection services , when they tell you how to protect your border. It’s a shame. “

Trump, who spends his vacation in Florida, chose to talk to members of armed forces through conference calls after criticizing some veterans for not yet visiting troops in a war zone.

In a later exchange of reporters, Trump took a softer tone against Roberts.

“Chief Justice John Roberts – I like him and I respect him – but I think we need to use some common sense,” said the president. [19659009] Trump shouted the federal court judge who issued the court, Jon S. Tigar, as an “Obama Judge”, based on the Ninth American Circuit Court, although Tigar sets a level below the federal appeal level and generally asserted that the judiciary both have no role in maintaining national security and jeopardizing America through its judgments.

The characterization of Tigar as an “Obama judge” was clearly revealed in the fall of the chief, who for the first time drove back to Trump.

“W I do not have an Obama Judge or Trump Judge, Bush Judge or Clinton Judge,” told Roberts Associated Press Wednesday. “What we have is an additional group of dedicated judges who make their level the best to do with those who appear before them.”

And he added: “The independent judiciary is something we should be grateful for.” [19659009] Trump responded initially on Wednesday.

“Deputy Chief Justice John Roberts, but you actually have” Obama Judges “and they have a very different point of view than the people who are responsible for the security of our country,” Trump wrote on Twitter.

In Trump’s Thursday Quizzes, his quote about a 79 percent highest court reversal rate in case taken from the ninth circle is correct for a certain set of years but does not give the context that the ninth makes

In October 2017, the return rate for the Ninth Circuit was 86 percent and the interest rate for all district courts was 76 percent – with three circles reversed in 100 percent of the time – according to an Alysis by SCOTUSblog.

Trump had two tweets before Tuesday 7:30, including the two services in the judiciary. “HAPPY THANKSGIVING TO ALL!” He wrote shortly before tears in federal judges.

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