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Couples find hidden camera in their Carnival Cruise Line Cabin

When Chris and Dana White in Florida resigned from Mobile, Alabama for a three day cruise in the Caribbean, it…

When Chris and Dana White in Florida resigned from Mobile, Alabama for a three day cruise in the Caribbean, it never happened to them that their cabins would be anything but private. They were shocked to find a recording device hidden in television cables in October in a row aboard the Carnival Fantasy. It was aimed at his bed.

Chris White described his first reaction as one of misunderstandings according to USA Today . His first reaction was to ask his wife: “Is that what I think is?” The couple said it was connected and working. They contacted the security team on board and used a mobile to register the employee who reviews and then disconnects the device. All the time said Mr. White that he just thought he could not believe it really happened to them. Dana White said she felt invaded.

Carnival issued a statement to USA Today where they said they had actually found a video transmitter in the white room, but they claim it was not connected to anything and could not record. White denies that claim and says that the device was in function as indicated by the heat that comes from it when it is touched. Newsweek reported that he and his wife are coming now because they did not feel that the case was handled appropriately. Here are some of what the cruise’s statement says.

The cruise line further indicated that they had crossed the unit and investigated the FBI and informed the white as this step had been taken. As a matter of the standard operation, the US Customs and Border Protection was also aware of the situation.

Earlier this month, Carnival Cruises announced the renovation of one of its ships originally designed in the 1990s. Currently the Carnival Victory name, 2,758 passenger ships will be renamed in 2020 with a new name – Carnival Radiance. Renovations will take place in Spain at a cost of about $ 200 million, one of the most affordable cruise ship renovations in history, and will be a “key-to-bolt” design. The vessel costs $ 410 million to build.

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