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Country O & # 39; Lakes Boycott threatens companies that cut ties to Iowa congressman Steve King

After threatening a consumer boom, Land O & M; Lakes said Tuesday that it would no longer make political donations…

After threatening a consumer boom, Land O & M; Lakes said Tuesday that it would no longer make political donations to Rep. Steve King, an Iowa republic under fire for his controversial comments about race and associations with white nationalists.

The privately owned dairy had demanded a boycott of its butter, milk and cheese over its political support committee’s financial support to King, currently being re-elected in a tightening round.

The Fire Officer has moved controversy by refusing to remove a retweet by British immigration activist and Nazi sympathizer Mark Collett and by displaying a confederate flag at his Washington counter, DC Rep replied. King in September also a candidate for mayor in Toronto who has invoked white supremacist views.

“Country O & # 39; Lakes Inc. PAC has traditionally contributed to legislators from both parties representing the communities where our members and employees live and work and are also in [congressional] committees that monitor policies directly affecting our peasant owners, says the company in a statement Tuesday. “We take our social responsibility seriously, want our contributions to be a positive force for good and also try to ensure that recipients of our contributions maintain our company’s values. For that reason, we have decided that our PAC will no longer support Rep. Steve King moves forward. “

A King spokesman did not immediately leave a request for comment.

Country O & # 39; Lakes is a privately held Fortune 500 company that serves as a member-owned food and agricultural cooperatives and reported revenues of $ 13.7 billion last year. Its corporate PAC gave $ 2,500 to the king’s campaign in June, according to the Federal Elections Commission records. The donation was sentenced by Liberals including former president candidate Howard Dean and TV host Soledad O & Brien, who called the company’s donation to King “scary.”

” The milk company Land O Lakes sent the money to this guy. let them know that decent people do not appreciate it. “Dean argued in a tweet last week that drew hundreds of answers that advocate a boycott of company butter, cream and dairy products.

Dean and O & Brien Tweets drew hundreds of answers that require a boycott.

Another company sponsor, Intel chip chip, confirmed a report that it has withdrawn its support for the king after donating $ 2000 to the legislature’s campaign. A political newsletter, Popular Information, reported on Sunday a tt Intel stated in an internal email to employees that it would no longer contribute to Kings’ campaigns after reviewing their public statements and determined that they were contrary to the company’s values.

The newsletter quoted an Oct. 25 email from Dawn Jones, Intel’s Chief of Political and External Partnership: “We had engaged in Rep King because of his support for IP theft protection, which is important for Intel’s business. An Intel employee raised concerns about the donations earlier this month. We looked at the congress’s public statements and decided to fight against Intel values. Therefore, we no longer donate to their campaigns. “

Intel denied further comment.

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