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Contact and test camera of the new Honor 10

568 He Honor 10 is already available in the European market to a price of 399 euros . A more…


He Honor 10 is already available in the European market to a price of 399 euros . A more economical version that the recently presented Huawei P20 , but that shares a good number of characteristics . Next, we offer you a touchdown preliminary before your in-depth analysis , accompanied by a image gallery and one camera test with double sensor New Honor 10 .

If the data sheet Y design of the Huawei P20 have satisfied your expectations, but not your price, of 649 euros, maybe your best alternative is the new Honor 10. The model, which has been released to the European market today, can be purchased for 399 euros. In this situation, we propose a first contact , in addition to a double chamber test of this Honor 10 so you can get to know in more detail this economic option to P20.

Contact shot of Honor 10 in video and photos

As we already verified in previous generations of the most outstanding smartphones of Honor, this new Honor 10 does not mismatch even one bit of the company’s philosophy. He Honor design 10 It stands out at first sight, as you yourselves can check both in the video and through the photo gallery.

A crystal case that offers a bright, very attractive finish, defined under the technology Aurora Glass Design , although also a magnet for the tracks. However, it is clear that the appearance of the new Honor is at the height of the latest creations of the firm, and the Huawei P20 itself, since it is a carbon copy, although cheaper.

In the same way that the housing is one of the Most attractive points of Honor 10 , all eyes are also focused on the screen . Not by the size itself, which extends the length and breadth of a 5.84 inch diagonal . It is the center of attention when incorporating the controversial notch or notch at the top of the screen. One more sign that we are facing the economic version of the Huawei P20.

First photos taken with the camera of Honor 10

In this section, the Honor 10 is not too far from the Huawei P20, with its double camera. Although in this sense the new Honor is provided with a double 24 and 16 megapixel sensor , one monochrome and other RGB , they share a large part of the specifications, as you can see from our mobile comparator .

And what about the result? In this sense, Honor brings out the chest Artificial intelligence integrated in the double camera of its Honor 10, which allows to recognize in real time more than 500 scenarios divided into 24 categories . A way to optimize much more the settings of each snapshot without the user being a scholar of photography.

Also, we leave you an extract of the video recorded with the double camera of the Honor 10 in which you can check the final result. It is interesting to note the conditions under which it was recorded, with the movement generated by the boat in which our partner Ivan Martin was moving at that precise moment.

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