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Conor McGregor reveals two major mistakes when he breaks down Khabib Nurmagomedov defeat round the round

Conor McGregor has offered his deepest insight yet in his defeat against Khabib Nurmagomedov at UFC 229 earlier this month…

Conor McGregor has offered his deepest insight yet in his defeat against Khabib Nurmagomedov at UFC 229 earlier this month and identified two major mistakes that he made that led him to only lose his second match in the UFC.

The Irishman returned almost two years from the UFC to face lightweight champion Khabib, who had emerged as one of the most dominant fighters in the sport in McGregor’s absence.

The match of the Las Vegas T-Mobile Arena saw McGregor launch a verbal tirade against Russian over his heritage, religion and family – which ultimately led to a fight after the battle between its two camps dominated the news agenda since then. Both will be due at a hearing by the Nevada State Athletic Commission on Wednesday, where sanctions are expected.

Within the fall of the ugly scenes immediately after McGregor left fourth the round, it has actually happened in the match gone relatively below the radar – until now.

McGregor sent a long message on his Instagram page that broke the match round and corrected where he went wrong. In the message, McGregor confirms that the second round, where he fought down to the Khabib run, was my “worst round of my career” and also notes that a key decision in the fourth round caused his defeat. [19659002] But he also believes that “from a point of view” he won the first and third rounds, which would have put him forward in fourth if it had not been for the culling.

Here’s how McGregor shuts down the game: 19659191] Round 1

“I think from an athletic point of view, his round 1 was. Top position against the fence. Resolving progress or injured injury. But top position.

” From a point of view, it is my first round Actual shots landed and a willingness to engage. Right left early. Knee to the head on a low shot. Elbows in all coherent scenarios. Opponents only hold their legs against the fence for almost the entire round. “

McGregor felt he fought Khabib in the first round (UFC)

Round 2

“He runs around the cage before being blessed with a right hand that changed the course of the roundabout and the struggle.”

“It was a nice shot.”

“After the shot I bounced up again to get involved immediately, but again he muted to loosen. It’s the sport and it was a smart move that led to a dominant round, so no question. Well played. [19659182] McGregor accepted Khabib took him fair and square (USA TODAY Sports)

“If I stop and get a little more respect, the right hand never comes close and we are talking quite differently now. I gave his sincere battles no respect in preparation. No specific statements at all.

Conor McGregor said the second round against Khabib was “My Worst Career” (Getty)

“I also gave my assaulting grip no respect. To defend himself.

” Lessons: Listen to none other than yourself on your skill set. You are the master of your own universe. I am the master of this. I have to take my own advice. “

Round 3

” After the worst round of my fighter career, I come back and win this round. Again he goes forward, goes down and willing to engage. “

The Irish believes he jumped back to win third-round (AP)

Round 4

“My recovery was not where it could have been here. It’s my fault.

” Even though he wins the early exchanges in 4, he returns down and I’m badly over 3 during the day. I work to regain position and get upright, with my back to the fence. A stable position.

“Here, however, I made a critical mistake to abandon my upper arm at this crucial time, expose my back, and I’ll be made fair and square.”

McGregor has been advised by certain areas of the UFC to retire from the sport, has made millions from his career as well as his excursion to the squares in his boxing fights by Floyd Mayweather last year.

But Dubliner wrote a six-fight along with the UFC before his showdown with Khabib and the end of his message left it unquestionably that he will be seen in Octagon again in the near future, regardless of whether a rematch against Khabib or a bout with likes Nate Diaz, Tony Ferguson or Jose Aldo.

“What can I say?” he added. “It was a good match and it was a pleasure. I will be back with my confidence high.”

“If it is not immediately immediately, no problem. I will meet next in a row. That’s all I always, anyway. Do you see my fighting fans soon I love everyone? “

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