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Connecticut GOP candidate apologized for allegations of anti-Semitic ad

A flag sent to voters Monday from Republican candidate Ed Charamut's campaign attacked his opponent, Democratic State Rep. Matthew Lesser…

A flag sent to voters Monday from Republican candidate Ed Charamut’s campaign attacked his opponent, Democratic State Rep. Matthew Lesser claimed that he would be bad for seniors. But the advertisement presented a cartoon-like image of Lesser, Jewish, with a wide-eyed laugh that clicks a wad of 100 dollar bills.

The postman arrived after 11 people were killed in a massacre in a synagogue in Pittsburgh on Saturday, which police have considered hatred crimes. It was the deadliest anti-Semitic event in US history and has renewed the review of anti-semitism in the United States.

On Wednesday, Charamut’s campaign released a statement on Facebook in favor of Lesser, the Jewish community and “someone who found the postman to be anything but a depiction of political differences between the two candidates.”

The campaign said its intention for the post would never be “something more than a reflection of Mr. Lesser’s policy record” and “never intended for the postman to deal with Mr. Lesser’s religious background.”

“But it is clear now that the imagery can be interpreted as anti-Semitic, and thus apologize for the fact that hate speech of some kind does not belong in our society and not in our policy, “the campaign said.

CNN had reached the Charamut campaign.

After the first reports on the advertisement, the Anti-Defamation League told Connecticut branch Hartford Courant that “the juxtaposition of a Jewish candidate for office and money in this way suggests an ancient anti-Semitic trope”.

First, Charamut defended the flirt in an email to Courant Tuesday, who told the newspaper that “those who want to depict a graphic illustration that something hateful is completely wrong.”

“I reject hate speech in all its forms, Charamut wrote to the paper.” The poster draws a sharp contrast between myself and Matt Lesser. “

After criticizing” false uproar “in an interview with Courant, the National Assembly changed JR Romano made his previous comments and said in a written statement to the newspaper that the image should be “recognized as offensive.”

“I was able to discuss some of the context of the recently sent email sent by candidate Ed Charamut with state representative Matt Lesser, “he said in his statement to Courant.” Several things have come from perspective from conversations with Jewish friends, including Jewish Republicans. In a contest with a Jewish candidate, this image should be recognized as offensive and raise classical anti-Semitic troops. It can not be justified. Personally, I would not have approved this mailer, and I’m grateful that the party did not approve of it. “

Romano said in his statement to Courant that he had asked to sit with ADL to” broaden my understanding and sensitivity to anti-Semitism. “

The Government Republican Party and ADL did not immediately give CNN’s request for comment.

] Lesser told the Washington Post that the post “uses images that have become accustomed to the Jewish people for hundreds of years and grossly caricatured my face and make me hug a pile of money.”

“It is as explicit anti-Semitic as what preferably, “he told the newspaper.

CNN has also reached Lesser’s campaign.

ADL found last year that anti-Semitic incidents increased almost 60% the largest single increase in record.

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