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Confirmed: MIUI 10 arrives this month along with the Xiaomi Mi 8


Of course lying, he was not lying. Last week Lei Jun, the CEO of Xiaomi , revealed that the event for 5,000 people held later this month in Shenzhen, China, would be one of the most important for the firm. Not in vain is the company’s eighth anniversary celebrated, and it has already been confirmed that several products will be presented. Among them, the Xiaomi Mi 8 … Y MIUI 10 .

The Chinese brand announced its launch event yesterday may 31 in the Chinese city, where the company will show the world the telephone that celebrates the company’s eighth anniversary. Then he did it with a poster showing a huge 8 (leaving little room for the imagination) and now a new advertising element confirms that the official presentation of the same day will take place. MIUI 10 , the new operating system of the company.

Confirmed: MIUI 10 arrives this month along with the Xiaomi Mi 8

The reference to MIUI 10 It comes accompanied by a slogan: faster than lightning. Recall that at the time of the release of MIUI 9, the slogan of that operating system was “as fast as lightning,” which is why speed is considered one of the great features of the software. We also bet on a design with rounded edges, given the large “0” that takes center stage in this poster.

It is not the first time that we hear about MIUI 10 . The first (and brief) ones were released months ago features of the operating system , but beyond the name of the software we could not know anything else. Now it is expected that next week we will be able to know what will be the great functions of the Xiaomi operating system that, it seems, would arrive with the Xiaomi Mi 8 to the market . Some have already been leaked thanks to the XDA developer community that has been able to keep an eye on the new version of MIUI The website states that MIUI 10 has a design similar to Android P with gestures of navigation in full screen, like those that appear in the new version of Android.

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As we said at the beginning of these lines, Lei Jun said on Weibo that Xiaomi I would launch several new products later this month at the Shenzhen conference. Now we know that the Xiaomi Mi 8 and MIUI 10 are of these products, but all bets indicate that we could also know at the end of the month the expected Xiaomi Mi Band 3 . We just have to wait a little over a week to check it.