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Conan O & # 39; Brien is named Abel Ferrara as the worst guest all the time

Conan Brien has been hosting a talk show for 25 years and has interviewed thousands of celebrities. But he appointed…

Conan Brien has been hosting a talk show for 25 years and has interviewed thousands of celebrities. But he appointed a guest as the worst of all time.

On a recent episode of Armchair Expert with Dax Shepard podcast, the TV receiver Abel Ferrara is called and embarrassed as the worst celebrity he was interviewed.

“Abel Ferrara was an eccentric director,” said Conan on podcast.

“He fled during the show before his segment. He ran away, got on the elevator and was out on the street and drove off, and Frank (the segment producer) chased and grabbed him.”

The producer managed to bring Ferrara back to TV studio and drove him on stage to interview by Conan.

“He came to camera against his will and came out and I was going to start screaming at me,” told the speech show values.

Ferrara, who did Bad Lieutenant (1

9459003) “Works (1996) Certainly, or, if not, he should have been,” answered Conan. “I remember it was entertaining. If you ate 15 garlic cloves, you would not say it was a good experience, but you’ll remember it.”

You can watch the train of an interview below:

Conan was less than impressed by another guest, as he suggested was a Lost star who rocked up in full.

“A cast member on a certain show where everyone caught on an island had too much to drink and come out and you can smell it, he said.”

“They think they are more fun, all they laugh ate the things they say and the breaks they take are too long but they are reminded that they are killing it.

“There are people who consistently come and respect the form,” he said.

Conan said that his pet hates when the actors come and act as if they are above a taleshow.

“It’s just the tail that rolls the dog -” If I’m hard, I have to be a genius. “No, be a genius first and th but if the side effect is you are difficult, then we accept it,” he said. “But do not be hard in the hope that you may be a genius.”

And finally, Conan’s famous actor from Britain like he said almost always make for good guests.

“I’m always kidding those guests from Britain There’s something in the water, he said. “They tell a story, they spin a yarn and it’s beautiful.”

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