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Composing 'Darksiders III's' Epic Soundtrack With Cris Velasco

December 3, 2018 Technology 0 Views But after several years following his work on the original game, Cris has made…

But after several years following his work on the original game, Cris has made a return to Darksiders territory with the third chapter, in which his score follows Fury on her quest to capture the Seven Deadly Sins.

We caught up with Cris to Talk to him about music composition, challenges with finding the right tone with Darksiders and more!

First off, you previously worked with the Darksiders: Director’s Cut soundtrack. “To the series, so to speak?”

On the original Darksiders I was part of a small group that was asked to rewrite a lot of the score. We had to do it quite quickly too. For Darksiders III I’ve been involved from the beginning and had plenty of time to really write in and write the score I wanted to. It’s been a very rewarding experience and I feel like it’s one of my favorite scores to date.

You’re no stranger to two epic soundtracks. What motivates you to put together such great scores for these games? The characters, the scenarios? What goes into making a soundtrack like this?

I’m very visually-driven in my music. I like to have as much concept, screenshots and videos before I start writing. All my scores would sound very different if I did not have the visuals to inspire me. I’ve also turned my studio into something of an art gallery as well.

How many people did you work with to put the Darksiders III? How many people did you work with to put the Darksiders III soundtrack together? Was there a particular orchestra? We were notified about a particular artist, Laura Intravia, that helped you out.

Laura sang all the vocals on the music for Lust. I also had Nicole Garcia on Violin, Loga Torkian on guitar violin and a number of other ethnic stringed instruments, and Azam Ali doing all other vocals. Azam was basically the voice of Fury. I also traveled to the Czech Republic to record the Capelle Orchestra and Choir with my score supervisor, Jose Varon. Mens all the music was written by me, it definitely takes a village to breathe life into the music.

1 or 2 The Biggest Challenge For a Darksiders Soundtrack

 Darksiders 2 "title =" Darksiders 2 "height = "374" width = "665" class = "40" data-item = "1148127" /> </figure> <p> <strong> What's the most challenging part when it comes to putting a score like this together for a game? </strong> </p> <p> A game like this has so many character themes and melodies. It becomes a balancing act of using the themes enough to keep them memorable, but not overusing them in fear of things sounding cluttered, confusing, or just outright annoying. Der var også mye af kampmusik. Det kan være nemt at falle i farten eller blive selvfølgelig på denne type materiale. Jeg har virkelig prøvet at sikre at jeg holdt musikken interessant og varieret for hver møde. I særdeleshed var det meget important to give each of the sins their own identity. </p> <p> <strong> Do you have a part icular favorite soundtrack when it comes to the work you've done over the years? Or are they all something that you feel an attachment with in some way? </strong> </p> <p> I feel an attachment to most of my past scores in some way or another. It's usually the latest project I'm working on that I like the most, but I guess I do have a few favorites from over the years. The Invisible Hours, Clive Barker's Jericho, Bloodborne, and Company of Heroes. </p> <p> <strong> Do you have any other favorite composers that work on soundtracks out there? </strong> </p> <p> There's no pedestal high enough for John Williams in my opinion. Besides him though, I'm really into John Powell, Marco Beltrami, and James Newton Howard at the moment. </p> <p><svg role=

Slide 2 or 2 More Darksiders, and Cris’ Dream Franchises

 Darksiders 3 "title =" Darksiders 3 "height =" 374 "width =" 665 "class =" 40 "data-item =" 1148128 "/> </figure> <p> <strong> Are there any franchises you have not worked on yet? that you'd like to? </strong> </p> <p> I'd really love to, I'd really like to, that I always mention when someone asks is Star Wars. That's top of my list for franchises. work on a Harry Potter project too. Finally, the number one person I'm passionate to work with is Guillermo Del Toro. We have some friends in common, and we're both areinto collecting a lot of the same art. ı </p> <p> <strong> If Darksiders see a fourth chapter, you would like to return for another go. -around? </strong> </p> <p> Absolutely! I think it would be a fun challenge for sure to figure out what the score for Strife would sound like. Plus, I just really loved working with everyone at Gunfire Games. I'd work with them on just about anything. </p><div><script async src=

Finally, any clue on what you’re working on next? Or are you taking it easy for the holidays?

Just wrapped up some more music for The Long Dark . I’m also just getting started on the music for the first Darksiders III DLC. I’ve got the usual “can not talk about it” stuff too.

Darksiders III is now available for Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC. Be sure to check out our review!

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