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Common Mistakes to Avoid When it Comes to Shaving, According to the Professionals

Shaving. Yeah, today I’m touching a little bit on skincare for the boys. Most boys (big boys) need to shave…

Shaving. Yeah, today I’m touching a little bit on skincare for the boys. Most boys (big boys) need to shave on a daily basis, and for those who don’t do it daily, I’m sure they still do shave or shape their beard-line every few days for that edgy and neat look. Shaving sounds pretty straightforward, which it should be (after all it’s been done for centuries), but if done wrong it can be a big pain in the behind. And since shaving is a part of any skincare routine (morning or night), we thought it wise to share with you some of the most surprising but common shaving mistakes, and of course how you can avoid them, straight from the shaving experts.

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Avoid these Common Shaving Mistakes

Skin Is Not Prepared Prior To Shaving

Most people are not aware of this but a splash of water won’t do the trick. But then again, over-prepping your skin can also be a tad bit problematic. If your beard is bushy or you have a longer stubble, more prepping is required before starting the shave.

How to avoid: Use a hot towel or shave after a hot shower. The steam will allow the outer layer of the hair to soften making for an easier and safer shave. If you have a thicker beard or long stubble, use an electric razor on its lowest setting to trim the hair first, before beginning to prep for your shave.

Not Knowing Which Way Your Hair Grows

How to avoid: It is advisable to let your hair grow out enough so you can physically feel which way your hair is growing if you slide your finger across the skin. Now that you know which direction your stubble is growing, when shaving, the first pass of the shave should go with the grain when the hair is at its longest. The following pass should go against the grain when the hair is shorter and there are less dead skin cells to get in the way. This process should relieve any tug and pull on the skin while leaving the area smooth.

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Shaving With Heavy Pressure

This is probably one of the most common shaving mistakes and the easiest to avoid. By putting too much pressure on the skin while shaving will most likely lead to unwanted cuts and nicks.

How to avoid: It’s hard not to think that applying more pressure will get more of your stubble, but it’s actually the opposite. Gently gliding the razor across your skin will work the best for a close shave.

Using The Wrong Shaving Cream Amount

Using too much or too little shaving cream can have the same effect as not prepping the skin appropriately. If you’re using too little of the product, your hair may not soften up enough, causing a rougher shave. Or the opposite, if you’re using too much of the product, it can become a slippery mess, which means a red flag for cuts.

How to avoid: When applying shaving cream, using an almond-sized portion will allow for the smooth shave you’re looking for. If the surface you’re shaving is a little larger, adding a tiny bit more should do the trick, just don’t overdo it. And for bonus’ sake, using shaving products that also provide hydration, like this Shaving Gel, will help eliminate irritation.

Shaving With Soap

Yes, we know; another one of those common shaving mistakes that seem harmless. Most of you guys out there have used soap or body wash at one time or the other when you were out of shaving products or waiting for payday, but what you might not know is that doing so will cause trauma to your skin.

How to avoid: Although soaps and shaving creams feel and look like they have similar properties, soap removes dirt & oil from the skin, working against your shave. On the other hand, shaving products provide moisture and slip agents to decrease friction. Stick to shaving products and your skin will gladly thank you for it.

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Storing Razor in Dirty Places

By Leaving your razor on the shower ledge or bathroom sink where bacteria and water are flying around you are (in not so many words), unknowingly diminishing the value of the razor, because it ends up dirty and dull.

How to avoid: Make it a habit to store your razor in an area where there is limited water exposure. But then again this doesn’t mean that you throw it into a drawer where bacteria can build mansions! Opt for a quality razor stand, designed to keep your razor above water while leaving it on display.

Not Switching Out Razors on Time

Sometimes maybe you are just in love with that particular razor or you just feel that it’s working. All in all, using your razor longer than you’re supposed to will cause more cuts and nicks than you’re expecting. But we don’t blame you because most people aren’t sure when to actually switch out razors.

How to avoid: As one of the numerous common shaving mistakes, the shaving experts recommend to change your razor blade every 6-8 shaves. To make it easier, you can use a shaving supplies subscription service where you’ll never have to worry about when to switch out your razor again, and for most of these services, you can customize your own delivery schedule based on how often you’d like to receive new razor.

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