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Comey asks the court to quit the court

Comey has previously said he would be willing to testify in public, but did not want to do it behind…

Comey has previously said he would be willing to testify in public, but did not want to do it behind closed doors.

In Thursday’s application, his lawyers claim that the household justice and monitoring committees “conducted an investigation a way beyond the real legislative purpose insofar as committee members have established a practice of selectively leaking witnesses’ testimony to support a false political story while witnesses are exposed to a variety of addictions “.

“Mr Comey urges the court to intervene not to avoid giving evidence without preventing the Joint Committee from utilizing the speeding up of a closed interview to deepen a distorted partyist political story about Clinton and Russia’s investigations through selective leaks, 1

9659002] The Judiciary Committee charged Comey to appear behind closed doors on Monday.

The legal act of the controversial former FBI director showed Comey was doing a promise to push back House Republicans demand for a private deposit.

Comey said last week he had received the mood and that while he was “happy to sit in the light and answer all questions” he would “resist” a closed door question.

He added on Monday that he

Thursday tweeted ” Today, my team-lit court tribunals filed for trying to get House Rep’s transparency ublicans. Let the American people watch. “

House lawyer chairman Bob Goodlatte and other house republicans have searched for justice department actions during the 2016 campaign and in one of Goodlat’s final acts in power, the foreign republics in Virginia issue witnesses by Comey and former lawyer general Loretta Lynch.

In its Thursday’s application told Comey’s lawyers that republicans would leak part of their testimony “to mislead the public and undermine public confidence in the FBI and DOJ during a time when President Trump and members of his administration and campaign team were reported to be investigated by the Special Council Robert Mueller and others law enforcement agencies. “

” Public records show the members of the joint committees leak what suits them and keep the secret just of what does not. Witnesses who appear before the joint committees are powerless to counteract or contextualize the distortions of their testimony as leaked to the press, “Comey’s lawyers added.

Comey’s lawyers quoted a supreme sentence, born by Joseph McCarthy Red Scare hearings in the 1950s, speech and argued that “abuse” in the chamber investigation contravenes the constitution’s own rules and is made to “harass and scare witnesses.”

The application for cks through news reports as detailed doorwitnesses by former FBI officials who appeared in the committees such as Andrew McCabe and Peter Strzok, called them “leaks and related comments from committee members” who have “unfairly injured these witnesses and barely served the assumption of probative purpose” of the investigation.

Outgoing South Carolina GOP Rep. Trey Gowdy, Chairman of the House Oversight Committee, said on Sunday that he did not agree with Comey’s request for a fulls lent public hearing and instead proposed video capture a private deposit, editing all confidential information and releasing the tape to the public.

“The solution is not to have a professional wrestling type carnival atmosphere, which is what congressional public hearings have become,” said Gowdy, adding that it was not his decision to do.

CNN has reached Goodlatte for a comment on Thursday’s submission.

In a Monday interview with CNN’s Erin Burnett on “Erin Burnett OutFront”, Goodlatte Comey rejected a proposal for a public hearing and called it “not an appropriate forum” because it could reveal investigative details to other potential witnesses.

Goodlatte also said that an open hearing would not allow legislators to ask Comey all the hundreds of questions they had for him, and tweeted Thursday night: “It seems Mr. Comey thinks he deserves special treatment , because he is the only witness who refuses to either voluntarily or follow a mood. “

Comey’s legal maneuvering is not indefinite in Washington probes, but it is not always successful according to Professor Schickler, Professor of Political Science at the University of California, Berkley.

“In general, the courts have given much sense to Congress, so it’s not an argument that generally succeeds, but it’s really one that has been done.” Schickler said.

Comey on Thursday also asked the court to keep his testimony scheduled until Monday until it regulates his move to stop the mood – some of what Schickler says may be a strategy to withdraw legal proceedings until the Democrats take over the committee in the new year and closed the survey.

The case was randomly terminated by the court on Thursday evening to Judge Trevor N. McFadden, a Trump employee.

CNN’s Katelyn Polantz contributed to this report.

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