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Colton Underwood is a “Chiseled God” in Trailer for Bachelor

And the battle to become Mrs. Colton Underwood begins! In a newly released trailer for season 23 of The Bachelor…

And the battle to become Mrs. Colton Underwood begins!

In a newly released trailer for season 23 of The Bachelor meets Underwood for the first time in the NSFW mode. The clamp begins with Underwood, 26, shower on the beach as his contestants are watching from a nearby car.

“Colton looks so hot, I’m planning to rub oil all over my body,” says an athlete exciting. “He is literally like a devoted god to me”, another competing scream.

Although things between Underwood and his potential knights seem to start with quite a stir, fans quickly remember that the bachelor is a virgin.

“I’m a virgin,” explains Underwood in the video. “But it’s only a small part of who I am. I’m here to fall in love, so hopefully, at the end of this I’m on my knee.”

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9659002] Underwood’s virgin is, after all, not the only topic for the season. In fact, a lot of drama follows between the contests with several of them caught grabbing the camera.

“He shook because you f — scared him so badly and you will destroy potential relationships”, a contestant tells about another in the clip.

Things seem to be so bad that Underwood himself can see bawling his eyes after his proposal has been rejected. “Every time I’m out there, I’ll be rejected,” says Underwood in a scene, then entering another scene where one of the contenders says “I can not accept a suggestion.”

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The clip ends with Underwood threatening to leave the show and fly the property by jumping a fence.

Last week, Harrison featured Key Art for Underwood’s season, a shot of him dressed in a suit that faces a rusty wall with the words “What must he lose?” written in the background.

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Underwood first revealed his virgin while competing for Becca Kufrins The Bachelorette season 14 .

Sitting with people before commencing his own je rion, Underwood said he will remain open, honest and true to himself as a bachelor.

“I’ll live my life and do what I’ve always done,” he said. “[Being a virgin] needs normalization: it’s just who I am and what I believe in. I have a lot of value in it and I keep it to a high standard. I’m just waiting for the right heart.”

Underwood’s Season of ] The candidate premiered on January 7, 2019.

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